Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Entry fee for the Country Music Kids' Marathon: $30

Candy bought in an attempt to bribe your kid to be okay with being around 3,000 other kids at the marathon: $0.89
Having said kid flip the race photographer off as he crossed the finish line: PRICELESS!!!

This has got to be the BEST RACE PHOTO EVER. He is not flipping the photographer off on purpose; he had 2 small toys in his hand that I let him carry throughout the run to calm himself down, and the way they were positioned in his hand made his middle finger stick up. I love it. Only my child would take a picture like this!

This next picture isn't as exciting as the first. Here's a progress shot of my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket:

I've got one more strip to do on the side, the big block that's made up of 2 colors across the bottom, and the borders. I really like it, and I've enjoyed working on it. The garter stitch rows that are a million stitches long actually haven't bothered me that much. What I noticed yesterday, though, is that when it's laid out it's not a perfect square/rectangle. One side will angle up a little bit more than the other, I think due in part to the row gauge being different than the stitch gauge. At least that's what I'm telling myself - it's not the knitter's fault whatsoever. I'm going to assume that that'll take care of itself when the borders are done and it's blocked, which I hope will happen soon after we get home from my Ironman at the end of July.

The blanket has been put on a tiny hiatus for some selfish knitting. Once I finish posting this entry, I'm going to block the top I finished this morning, Coachella from the latest Knitty. Emily has become one of my blogging friends, and she wrote a great pattern. I started it last Tuesday/Wednesday, and I finished it this morning. It makes my shoulders look very sexy, which I'm all for. I'll wear it tomorrow and post a picture of it soon. (You'll also be able to see my new hairstyle. I'm going for the Jackie from Bravo's "Workout" look, so I'm growing it out and I've had it relaxed.)

Next selfish knitting project up: the Indigo Ripples Skirt from the spring issue of Interweave. I keep seeing pictures pop up all over Blogland (like here and here) that makes this skirt look a million times better than the one in the magazine. I bought my yarn yesterday (Rowan's Denim in the Memphis color - medium blue) and am going to swatch in a bit. My goal is to get this done in time to wear it while up in Lake Placid, NY for my Ironman. That's right around the corner - 4 1/2 weeks, to be exact! The town looks absolutely adorable, so I have to look my best while there. What better way to do that than in a cute knitted skirt?