Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Ravelry's fault

Sorry I've been MIA for the past month. I have a lot of things to blog about, but whenever I get on my computer I get sucked into Ravelry. I think that happens to a lot of us.

So - where do I start?

1. Hayden has joined the Special Olympics swim team. In his little black and purple jammers he looks just like a mini-Michael Phelps! He's a great swimmer but he won't wear goggles so he mainly backstrokes to keep his eyes out of the water.

We think swimming will be a big thing for him. He competed in his first meet back in January.

After the initial shock of the noise and crowds wore off, he did GREAT. We came home with 2 second place ribbons and 1 third place.

He should've gotten first in his first event (25 meter freestyle) but when he gets close to the wall he likes to coast in so he can hit his head lightly against it.

(That's him in the far left lane. He lost his lead right at the end. Bummer!)

Anyway, we were (and still are) very proud of him - even when he looks like this:

2. The rivalry between Pebbles and myself has kinda fizzled - she's totally not a threat to me any more. Yay for ass-kicking!!! I beat her by 5 minutes in a half marathon this past Saturday. There's one more race in the State Parks series - a 15K in 2 weeks - then we probably won't be racing against eachother for a while. Triathlon season is about to kick into high gear, so I'll be too busy with that to run road races. It's been a fun way to run fast throughout the winter, though. Next year I'd like to do more of this series.

3. Like I just said, triathlon season is about to kick into high gear, but I can't seem to get my butt out of the climbing gym. When I swim, I think about how I don't want to swim too hard because I don't want to tire my arms out for climbing. My hands stay torn up nowadays and it's not unusual for me to walk into a gas station with chalk all over my pants, but I love it. I had bought a 3-month membership that is supposed to expire on March 3rd, thinking that that'd be perfect timing. What a great off-season hobby to take up, and when my membership expires, it'll be time for me to get back into triathlon training. Didn't work that way. Mike has bought me a year membership to tack on at the end of the 3-month membership so I can climb for 12 more months! Thank God I don't plan on doing any long races this summer! Less triathlon training time = more climbing time!!!

4. I have joined forces this year with another triathlon coach in town, Stephen Taylor and we're providing some kick-ass, super-fun group training for newbies and seasoned athletes! We're in the middle of a 5-week Triathlon Prep course right now, and March 11th starts the real stuff. I think working with him will be good for both of us - what is a strength for one of us is the other's weakness, and I've gotten a good energy vibe being with him in the classes we've had so far. I'm really looking forward to this summer.

5. Because I am working with Stephen, I have to become a Certified Triathlon Coach through USAT, the governing body of triathlon. This Wednesday I am going to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to attend a 3-day certification clinic. I am staying after that clinic is done to attend a CEU clinic on Weight Loss for Endurance Athletes. I'm super-excited about this opportunity! Not only do I get to learn how to become a better triathlon coach, I get to stay at the OTC! Rock on!!! (And of course I've already scouted out where the nearest climbing gym is - less than 2 miles away. Climbing gear will be crammed into my suitcase!)

6. Knitting: doing a lot of it. OTN right now -
Gathered Pullover

(missing sleeves and neckline - shot was taken from the neck down because cycling + swimming + climbing + no shower = horrible hair!)

Architectural Rib Pullover

(missing one side and neck)

and my 4th pair of Fetchings (for my sister, whose hands stay cold at work). Waiting in the wings is my 2nd Koolhaas hat for a climbing friend (I made one for his roommate, another climbing friend of mine, and he's requested one). I also have some sleeves to do for a friend who I've worked a trade out with. She's crocheting me the Tuscany Tank Dress (free pattern on Knitting Daily) and I'm doing sleeves for her on 2 sweaters plus starting a sweater for her husband. And of course there are the projects I want to do from the Spring IK:

Banded Peasant Blouse
Chameleon Scarf
Katharine Vest
Drawstring Chemise

I originally had the Auburn Camp Shirt on that list too, but after looking at the Spring Gallery shots (they put the sweater on several different ladies with different body types so you can see what it looks like on someone who's not a model), I'm not as crazy about it. But, because of that same Gallery, the Sylph Cardigan may make its way on this list. (Edited to add a day after I originally posted: I took the link to the Sylph Cardigan out. For some reason, that was directing me to some lingerie website. Oops! It's really cute cardi with a little ruffle on the bottom and 3/4-length sleeves.)
That's it for my long update. I'll report back once I'm home from Colorado.