Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Aargh - I think I'm in a knitting slump. (I said to my training partner the other day and he belly laughed. Guess I forgot that not everyone is a knitter.) I have several things going on, but I keep getting stuck.

1. Sampler Stole - no motivation to work on it because it involves more attention than I can give to it right now.

2. Rowan Cricket Vest - I am sooo close to finishing it, but I realized that when I divided for the neck, I got off-center by 1 stitch. I think I'm scared to keep going for fear that it'll be so blatantly obvious that it's off-center that I'll have to rip the whole thing out. Plus, it's very springy (blue and yellow) and we're almost into fall.

3. Morehouse shawl kit - VERY easy - just stockinette in the round - but when I joined, I twisted the stitches. Because of the 200+ stitches being crammed onto my needle, I didn't notice this until I got about 5 inches done. I don't want to start over, so I'm hoping that when I cut it (it's knit in the round then cut to create fringe), the twisting action will resolve itself. But, like the vest, I'm scared to go on because I'm afraid I'll have to rip and restart. (Does anyone know the answer to this? If the twist is positioned near where stitches are dropped and the cut happens, will the twist go away? I think it will, but I'm not sure. Ironman training turns my brain to mush sometimes.)

4. Knit and Tonic's Fad-Classic - the straps are a pain in the butt! I did the back, but when I took the provisional cast on out and put those stitches on my needles, I couldn't tell which side was the right side, and I guessed wrong. So I've ripped all of that out and tried to start over again from that point, but I failed. I have half a mind to start totally over, but I'm afraid that it's getting too close to the end of summer for this top. I don't intend on wearing it alone as a tank (I originally envisioned it looking adorable with a tight white baby tee and my white cargo capris), so it could be worn into the fall, but some part of my brain (probably the part that's turned to mush from too many training hours) is having a hard time accepting it as an all-seasons top.

So herein lies the question: do I throw all of these projects to the wayside and start with something fresh? My sister is due with her second child in the beginning of November, so I could do a quick baby thing. Or I could start a sweater for Hayden, which I always love to do. I've been so sporadic in my knitting that it probably wouldn't get done until it's cool enough to wear it. (Having over 19 hours of Ironman training to do in one week, plus the normal work/mommy stuff that needs to be done, leaves little knitting time.) The sensible side of me tells me to knit a baby hat as my Idiot Project and work on a Hayden sweater at home, but the silly side of me really wants a Fad Classic. If I could get past the stupid straps, I think I'd be good to go. My first attempt at a Knit & Tonic pattern failed (Somewhat Cowl), so I really want my Fad Classic to turn out. Anyway, what do you think???

Monday, July 24, 2006

Too many M&Ms

When I was a senior in high school, I ate so many M&Ms that I puked. My poor boyfriend sat beside me on the bathroom floor and stroked my back as I threw up blue, red, yellow and brown hard candy shells. Not a pretty sight. And all of this on the day I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (meaning I had reached my goal weight and maintained it for 6 weeks). It was a year before I could eat M&Ms again - well, almost a year.

This morning they opened up registration for next year's Ironman Lake Placid race, held at the end of July in New York. I tossed aside my rule of not signing up for another Ironman before finishing the one I'm currently training for (Florida this November), got my insurance card, my credit card and my USA Triathlon membership card out of my wallet, and bit the bullet. I have a friend who decided that she wants to do it, and I just couldn't let her sign up alone. It'll be my third Ironman in 3 years, and my second one in less than 12 months (Florida is this November 4th, Lake Placid will be the end of next July).

I think Ironman triathlons are becoming the new M&M.

I promise one of these days I'll talk about knitting again on my blog, and I'll actually post some pictures.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If anyone still reads this...

...I'm still here. My summer has turned into a whirwind full of bikes, pools, sunscreen, driving, and horses, and I have not really had the chance to blog. I hardly have time for knitting either. Poo. I have some pictures to share with you, though, and will do so the next free moment I have. Pictures of an almost-there Rowan Cricket Vest and of an especially cute little boy on his favorite horse, Vader.

For those of you wondering what is behind the mention of a cute boy and horses, Hayden spent last week at Saddle Up! camp. Saddle Up! is a therapeutic horse program for kids with special needs (autism, Down's syndrome, cerebal palsy, etc.) , and they offer a week-long summer camp for kids who are on the waitlist to get into their regular program (we've been on the list for over 2 years now - sheesh). He got to learn how to take care of a horse and ride him. He had an absolute BLAST. So, to the TRIAD camp people who wouldn't let him in: kiss our butts. We don't need your stinkin' camp. Riding horses and doing arts and crafts is way more fun than all day therapy sessions.