Thursday, May 18, 2006

Somewhat Cowl... somewhat ugly. At least mine is. What a bummer. Not even deserving of a picture. I should've followed my gut instinct and not attempted this pattern. Not to offend anyone, but the SWCs I've seen on the Internet (with the exception of Wendy's) aren't really all that appealing to me. But nooo, I thought that if I splurged on the Alpaca & Silk, I'd end up with the same sexy sweater that Wendy has. I didn't think about the fact that my boobs are probably smaller than hers. The cowl diminishes my small rack even more, and the back is bunchy, like there's too much fabric. If the yarn weren't so damn expensive, I'd save this for a birthday present for a bigger, more bustier friend, but I just can't do that at $9.50 a skein. I already have plans for its reincarnation, though: the Fairy Net Blouse from the Summer IK.

I actually got back to my Sampler Stole last night - woo hoo! I was watching the first part of the "Top Chef" finale, though, so I didn't get too much done. I was sad to see Dave pack his knives and go. I want to find him and eat his food. It sounds delicious. (Joe from my Baltimore plane ride thought so too. He's in culinary school and watches "Top Chef" as religiously as I do. Girls in the Providence, RI area, take note: Joe is REALLY cute, has a great New York accent, loves to cook, has a brother who knits socks, and is not gay! Go for it!!!)


spaazlicious said...

That's such a bummer, I hate when that happens--beautiful yarn, such potential, then...meh. I give mine to my sister in law.

sarah said...

That Fairie Net blouse is so adorable. I've seen similar problems with that sweater around, which is unfortunate. It looks just so cute on Wendy.

eunny said...

heh, heh. The return of Cute Joe! I knew he'd make it onto the blog one of these days :)

Sorry about your SWC...but at least you have a pile of gorgeous yarn to use. The Fairie Net blouse is a great pattern, though - I bet it would be really flattering on you, too.

Amy said...

This is completely unrelated to your knitting post, but a friend sent me a link to your blog as she believes (and I do too) that we are twins in different states. I am doing a sprint tri this summer, own a dog, have an Aspergers boy (and his brother is looking suspicious as well), love Diet Dr. Pepper, hate frogs, love Rowan, and am a compulsive list-maker who obsesses over her knitting. I work at a yarn shop, to make matters even stickier. Anyway, I'll be reading your blog and watching your son's progress, as well as yours!