Sunday, October 22, 2006


I finished this yesterday so that I could wear it to a Hawaii Ironman viewing party last night. I ride with a bunch of men that sometimes forget I'm a girl (during our ride yesterday, one of them said, "Gentlemen, in 2 weeks we'll be doing Ironman Florida!"), so I have to set them straight every once in a while. Here's a shot of the back:

And here's a closeup shot of the front (and of the tan line I got from my bikini top over the summer - yes, that tan line is over 2 months old - my tan lines last forever):

I really do like this top; I just wish I had done it earlier in the summer so that I could've worn it longer this year. It'll go with me to Florida in less than 2 weeks (yikes!), but then it'll end up packed away until next year.

In Hourglass Sweater news, I'm done with the first sleeve and have started the second. It looks pretty good so far, but nothing picture-worthy yet.

And in Ironman news, I'm less than 2 weeks away from Ironman Florida. Yippee!!! I'm really excited about this one. I was excited about Wisconsin last year because it was my first one. I don't really like Florida too much, but I'm excited about the race because a ton of my friends are doing it and in spite of all the sh*t that happened to me this summer, I'm doing it. Who knows what the day will bring, but I think once I get out of the water, I'll do fairly decently. My biking is almost up to where it was pre-wreck (which is saying a lot for the strength in my legs, because I don't have much ability to use my upper body to pull myself up hills, and I can't hold onto my handlebars very comfortably yet - thank God for aerobars!), and my running is better than it was last year. My swimming sucks, but that's okay. I'm relying on the buoyancy of the saltwater and my wetsuit to get me through the 2.4 miles.


spaazlicious said...

Hey hottie!

Have a great time in America's wang!

Coleen said...

that is a sexy little tank you got there!

Angela said...

That IS really sexy! Way to go! And good luck in Florida!! I'll be draggin my butt through the streets of NYC while you're burning a hole through Panama City!

Jen said...

Wow, you look hot! I hope the weather in Florida holds so you can wear it there too. And btw, I LMAO on your last post about Hayden's homework. I guess kids' homework developers have to get their kicks somehow, right?

emily said...

Looks gorgeous!! that is such a pretty pattern. so you are now in the last week before Ironman Florida!! You are going to ROCK IT. You better email me your race number so I can follow your progress on that spiffy ironmanlive website. I will totally have you on my mind!!