Sunday, February 11, 2007

One poop - uh, scoop - or two?

The above picture is of the list that came home with Hayden last week about the upcoming ice cream sundae party they're having at school to celebrate Valentine's Day. Look at the item listed between sprinkles and spoons. What kind of party is this?!?? Should I point out the misspelled word to his teacher just for the sake of embarrassing her? And yes, that's Hayden as a 6-month old in the picture being covered by the list. He went from that to this:

in just 6 1/2 short years. (The sweater he's wearing is the first sweater I made for DH. It's such bulky wool, though, that he can only wear it when it's 20 degrees or colder outside. Too warm most of the time for our climate, but a nice sweater nonetheless. And those are DH's jean shorts - no, I do not let him wear them EVER, so why he still owns them is a mystery to me - and my ballet flats and cowboy hat. He's really gotten into invading our closet, as you can tell.)

Speaking of bowels, some of you may be thinking that I'm too young for a colonoscopy. I am too young for a routine look-and-see, but I'm not if there's something wrong. I won't go into details because I'll just gross everyone out and lose what little reader base I have, but I will say that a) colonoscopies aren't fun and b) sigmoidoscopies are even less fun. We have discovered that I have collagenous colitis and I'm now on medicine to fix it. My doctor sent me an article about collagenous colitis, but it's so medical that I don't exactly understand what it is or how I got it. I need to get him to explain it to me in normal people terms. I've been on medicine for a couple of days and things seem to be getting much better, so I'm very excited. However, due to what's been going on, I am not going to Austin next weekend to run the half marathon. It's okay - I'd rather stay home and play with Hayden than go run a half marathon in a less-than-stellar time and spend the rest of the day in the bathroom.

So let's change the subject to something less crappy: knitting! I am about to start something that's going to be totally different than what I usually do - a charity knitting project. I've been teaching a knitting class to a group of senior citizen ladies at the nearby YMCA. They've learned how to cast on, knit, purl, increase with yarnovers, decrease with K2togs, and bind off. They want to keep going, so I suggested we practice those skills and make blankets for Project Linus. They're very excited, and so am I. Charity knitting is something I've never done before. I bought some Encore Worsted in a fun, not-baby but not-too-bright colorway (with some purple in it, of course) and am going to do the Hoover blanket from Knitty. I saw that pattern 3 years ago and have wanted to do it ever since then. One of the ladies in the class is also going to attempt that pattern. She's never double-knitted but she's a very quick learner, so I think she can do it. I'll keep you posted on our progress. My selfish knitting project continues to be the Equestrian Jacket from the Winter IK. (Have you seen the new IK? Meh to the new layout, meh to the patterns. I really don't have time to knit an apron that makes my hips look like they belong on Eddie Murphy's female character in "Norbert.") I'm about halfway done with one sleeve. Hopefully I can get to a picture-taking point soon. But since I'm not, here's another shot of my son, who has just discovered the joys of playing Nutball (a la "Jackass" - if you're curious, I'll explain more, but just use your imagination) with Daddy:


yaiAnn said...

ha, bowels, nice! Glad to hear that you're feeling better! I'd much rather stay at home and play than do much of anything these days, especially work! ;)

Wendy said...

It's so worrying when teachers do that. Gross ass_ociations there.

Bummer about the colitis! (understatement!)

Hayden is adorable, that hat really suits him, not so much about the denim shorts and ballet flats, though who knows, I hear the 80s are still coming back. ;)

Ilix said...

funny post!
wow................nutball, darn that sounds painful.....

I love that peapod baby sweater you knit, nice to see it done and out there!

KellyD said...

If you need help translating the Doctor stuff, I'm a nurse. Forward the article to me and I will translate. Trust me when I say I do this for a living (ok well other stuff too like save lives and give meds)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog. Don't know how your colitis is doing but just wanted to mention what helped me the most with my ulcerative colitis. I take digestive enzymes with every meal, two if it contains protein. The theory is that as white women age they don't make enough digestive enzymes to completely break down food. Undigested food is a big problem in the large intestine, it causes inflamation, even food sensitivities, etc. This info came from my mid-wife who had a sister-in-law with the same problem. After bad side effects from the meds prescribed her(me,too), even a hospitalization, she mentioned it to her very knowledgeable chiropractor/nutritionist. I don't know where he got the information but it worked like a charm for her and me. The difference is amazing. Going from zero energy, both physical and mental, was pretty fast, whether from more nutrients getting into my bloodstream from better food break-down or my intestines working better as the inflamation decreased, I can't say. My biggest symptom while ill, besides the fatigue was severe intestinal pain which was reduced to very minor discomfort. If I have to use anti-biotics I always follow up the end of the prescription with probiotic pills to restore the intestinal good guys or I have some return of real pain.
Good luck from a middle-aged woman who also loves purple and dark chocolate. Hayden is so cute, I miss when my kids would dress up. My favorite was a superhero outfit one of them wore that included square potholders,(power gloves), an old fedora, and an orange towel (flying inducing-power cape).


The Ninny said...

I am searching for yarn for the Hoover Blanket. How's yours coming along?