Sunday, July 08, 2007

A penis-shaped run?

The elevation chart of the run course of Ironman USA looks a bit fallic. Check it out! (Scroll down towards the bottom past the map.) Either this means it's going to be really enjoyable or incredibly hard.

In knitting news, I am finished with my Coachella, but the neckline grew immensely the first time I wore it and I ended up being a Flashosaurus Rex at my LYS that afternoon. A friend took it home with her so she could make some alterations and pull the back of the neckline up a bit. (No, I didn't leave topless. I ended up buying a really cute black t-shirt with a silver image of the naked mudflap girl knitting on the front.) I started my Indigo Ripples skirt last week and am getting pretty close to being done with the lace. I've read about the hellish ruffle and even more hellish bind off, so I'm not saying that I'm close to being done with the entire thing. I'm pleased with the result so far; I've tried it on a million times to make sure it's going to fit. The log cabin blanket hasn't been picked up in a while so it still looks the same as it did in the past picture, but we're going to Chattanooga this coming weekend and I plan on taking that to work on.

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