Thursday, April 17, 2008

Regifting a swap prezzie?!??

Okay, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but I just saw some pics of prezzies included in a package sent by the person I spoiled in a Ravelry swap. In this pic was something that was EXACTLY like something I had gifted to her! (Follow me here? Pics are of A's prezzies from B. I sent B her prezzies.) It's not something that seems like it'd be totally common, so I'm wondering about this...

But then again, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. I am on steriods, after all. (Bum ankle.) And I've had an incredibly bad day/week/month.

Two years ago, I whined to y'all about Hayden not being accepted into Vanderbilt's TRIAD summer camp for autistic kids because he wasn't high functioning enough. Today at the end of his neuropsychological evaluation, I asked the doctor if, by the preliminary scores, whether he thought we should apply for Currey Ingram, a private school for kids with learning differences. He used to work for them, so he knows exactly why type of kids they accept. He, without sounding as mean as I'm about to sound, said no. Hayden's speech and language scores are so low that they bring down his total score below the level that Currey Ingram accepts. Twice in the last several weeks has the term "mentally retarded" been used in reference to him. ("I'm not saying he's mentally retarded...", "His previous IQ scores suggest he's mentally retarded, but we know that's not the case.")

Makes me feel like I'm giving my child more credit than he deserves. Are my glasses too rose-colored? (If you knew me in person, you'd definitely answer no to that question!)

Currey Ingram has been our goal for the past month. Now that's taken away, and I feel utterly hopeless. I have no idea what we'll do. Public school proved to be horrendous for him (won't go into details), and Currey Ingram is the only private school that we had a shot at. There are no other private schools in Nashville that would accept him. I've been homeschooling him for the last month, but I'm not cut out for this so we have to change. The preliminary plan is to up his therapy hours from 11 to 15 and bring in a tutor for up to 2 hours each day. We can afford that now, but when we reach 100 visits of therapy, our insurance cuts off and we'll have to pay full price. That'll be roughly $1500 each week, not including the tutor. That's a hell of a lot more than the $26,000/year price tag we were worried about at Currey Ingram. And I can't work a whole lot more than I am now - Hayden is with me during the day.



Anyone have any drugs they want to send me???


Wendy said...

Aw, shit Steph, I'm really sorry to hear that. Is there absolutely no CI chance now?

I've got no fun drugs to send you, only antibiotics and allergy meds. (I was savaged by a cat tonight, so I think I'll keep the antibiotics, if you don't mind.)

As far as regifting prezzies--well, it's a bummer if they didn't think they could use it (but then again, it might be something they thought was too nice for them to keep [sounds weird, but y'know]) but I'm all for regifting as long as it's regifting with thought, as in they really think this other person will love what they got. It's nothing personal, it's about passing the spoiler surprise on. But I come from a long line of regifters. ;)

Ruth said...

Sending hugs! (I don't have much access to the good drugs since I changed professions.)

Keowdie said...

I'm sorry to hear about an opportunity lost. I don't know much about your school system there, and unfortunately have no drugs to send... Sorry about that.

I can remind you that IQ scores are completely meaningless for kids with aut. That's why we say that they are "nontestable;" those communication barriers really throw a wrench into the works. So please take that whole "mental ret." thing with a HUGE grain of salt.

As for regfting, it's disappointing that someone didn't want to keep something you sent them (if that's what happened), but I always think that if they couldn't use t or didn't really appreciate it, then I'm happy if they could pass it on to someone who would.

I hope next week is a better one for you!

Ann said...

Hi Steph:
Thinking about you.
Really like you but I just can not give up my drugs. Next time I see you I can give you a hug.