Saturday, January 03, 2009

3 days into the new year and already 2 FOs!

Several months ago I attempted to knit a Porom hat for myself. Bad choice of yarn left me with a huge, very Rastafarian hat, as you'll remember from earlier posts. I didn't try another hat right away, but boy, was I wanting to! I finally gave into temptation on January 1st and with less than a skein of Malabrigo, I cast on for a Star Crossed Beret. (Queue it here.) A day later, I was blocking it on a dinner plate. Woot! It fits!!!

Although you can't see much detail because the yarn is variegated shades of grey and black, here's the back:

One more shot, just because I love the way my nose looks so horribly pointy whenever I take a headshot on my own:

How do people take good self portraits??? I always make myself look like such a dork.

So that was FO #1 of 2009. Here is FO #2:

Yep, purl-free Monkeys (although I guess you can't tell that by this shot - the pattern doesn't show up really well). I finally made these damn socks. And I love them!!! I'm not an avid sock-knitter and haven't yet mastered the 1st stitch on the dpn being a purl trick, so I opted for the wuss way out: the purl free version. I started them on the plane when we went to Disneyworld back in October, and worked on them only in the car for the longest time. They became my small project when I needed a small project. That's the only reason they took so long to finish. Once I put my mind to it, these socks flew by. They're my first Cookie A pattern and definitely won't be my last. Up next are her Red Thread Socks (except mine will be orange and off-white and won't have the thread running up the back - they're a belated Christmas present that one of my sisters asked for the weekend before Christmas).

And what was my last FO of 2008, you ask? A Habitat:

Hayden is modeling the Habitat hat I made for my personal trainer. (Yes, I am a personal trainer and I work out with a personal trainer twice a week. Shoot me.) During a session the week before Christmas, I said something about my knitting. He snickered and said, "Knitting? You knit?" I almost dropped the weight - "Shit, yeah! You didn't know that about me?" I was flabbergasted that he didn't know that. It's such a huge part of who I am. EVERYONE knows I knit. At least I thought everyone did. Anyway, to show him that what I like to knit is cool, I made him a hat. He wears hats all of the time and he wears grey all of the time. He likes it. He doesn't have any hair, so he doesn't look quite as skater-ish as Hayden does:

And speaking of my Hayden, he turns 9 this coming Tuesday. 9!!! Pretty soon he'll be too old to do this:

Gotta love him. He loves snuggling with Mommy.


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