Monday, May 16, 2005

Who's afraid of a little intarsia?

Yesterday I got to take a class from famous knitwear designer, Sasha Kagan. I was so excited about it since she does a lot of work for Rowan, and I am a self-proclaimed Rowan freak. She taught us her method of doing intarsia, which involves weaving in the color not in use along the back. It was awkward at first because you have to hold yarns in both hands, but I think I got the hang of it and now want to tackle an intarsia project. I really enjoy learning new skills like this so that I can keep challenging myself.

Speaking of not challenging myself, I am done with Tempting with the exception of a) one end to weave in that has somehow created a little hole, b) little holes that have formed at each end of the underarm seams (hole count: 5), and c) ribbon weaved through the eyelet row at the top. It's very cute. I need to go to my LYS and get them to help me close up the holes. Tonight is Stitch n Bitch night, so I could go when my hubby gets home, but I'm PMS'ing and don't know if I'd be in the mood for knitting in a group. I might be daring this afternoon and take my son to the fabric store to find some cute ribbon. I'd like to wear the sweater this week.

Project on the needles:
Koigu pants - they're going to take a while to complete b/c they're put on the back burner to other projects that crop up along the way

Projects waiting to be started:
2 items for the Autism Conference's silent auction in mid-July (one scarf and one felted bag - LYS is having a big sale this Friday, so I'm going to wait and see what's on sale before I buy yarn)
1 baby gift for a friend having her second boy sometime in August - thought I might do hats for little brother/big brother - I like using the Fiber Trends hat with ear flaps in Koigu double stranded

Projects in my mind that'll probably eventually get started and cause me stress:
coordinating sweaters for my son and my niece for Christmas (little bit of intarsia - maybe a first intarsia attempt?)
cable sweater for hubby for Christmas (either Rowan or Rebecca - instead of surprising him like last Christmas, I'll ask him which one he likes better and maybe even get him to pick out yarn with me)
Daisy zippered cardigan out of Rowan winter magazine (one of Sasha Kagan's designs - she had it with her yesterday and I got to try it on - super cute!)

Those are just what I can think of right now. I have many others at home, just crying out to be knit! Can I quit working so I can knit more?

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