Friday, August 19, 2005

Have I told you lately...

...that my secret pal ROCKS??? Well, she does. I should've posted this 2 days ago b/c that's when all of the merriment happened, but as always, I've been busy training or dealing with my son's first week of kindergarten (gasp! is he that old?). So anyway, I got a package in the mail that included all of these goodies:

My very own Stitch n Bitch Nation; 2 balls of Rowan Calmer in purple (yum!Rowan Calmer! double-yum!purple!); 2 healthy snack bars (b/c a)I love to snack and b)since I am an Ironman-in-training, I need healthy things - she's so thoughtful!); 4 packs of caffeine-free teas (b/c I need to relax!); and a purple pen and a notebook for keeping notes of patterns I'm working on or whatever else I want to write down (for instance, one of my many To Do lists that my husband teases me about). There were also some pictures she took during her vacation in Portland and Seattle. She's an incredible photographer. Made me want to go hiking right now! Also, there were some earrings that she made herself out of these blue-y, purple-y beads, and they are just my style! I have a sweater that I knitted last summer that goes PERFECTLY with these earrings. I tried to take a picture of myself in that sweater modeling those earrings, but the picture is so completely dorky that I can't bear to post it on this blog. Not like any of the pictures my husband takes of me are anything to write home about (I HAVE GOT to get more creative!), but this one was especially dorky.

If you'll recall, my first package from my super terrific secret pal included 3 skeins of Knit Picks Shine in a yummy shade of purple. (Aren't all shades of purple yummy?) I held 2 strands together and out came this:

Yes, it's a One Skein Wonder from Glampyre. Mine isn't actually a One Skein Wonder since I held 2 strands of yarn together; it's really a Three Skein Wonder (I had to finish the edging with the third ball pulling from the inside and out.). I did all the edging in seed stitch instead of the sleeves in seed stitch and the rest in ribbing. That's the only modification I made, and, looking at other people's OSWs, it's a popular one. Here's a shot from the back:

And this is what happens when you ask a typical male to take a picture of you from behind:

He thought he was really funny.


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Yay! I knew it would work!

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