Friday, March 17, 2006

Instant gratification 2.0

This wasn't quite as quick as the Airy Scarf, and I had to rip out the top the first go-around because I had made it too tall, but it still was a quick knitting fix:

Technically a person is not supposed to wear the Ironman logo unless he/she has earned it, but since Hayden is my son, I'll allow it. This hat is a gift for a friend; I hope he'll like it.

And may I whine for a minute (okay, a couple)? Vanderbilt University has a department called TRIAD, or Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Related Disorders. Every summer TRIAD puts on a camp for kids ages 6-21. This summer Hayden will be 6 1/2, so I got excited: he can go to TRIAD camp! I've been waiting for this for 2 years. I called about it in the beginning of March and got an information packet mailed to me. Because I hadn't seen anything about the cost printed anywhere in magazines about different summer camps, I thought, "How nice - they're not charging us for this. They're taking into consideration that we already have to pay a lot of money for therapy." Wrong - it costs $900 for 3 weeks. $900! This is a day camp, mind you - 9am to 3pm. Where do they get off with charging $900! That blew my mind, but I was prepared to suck it up and pay it. However, on Tuesday I was talking to another mom of an autistic boy, and she said something about the deadline for the application. I hadn't seen that part - all I saw was the cost. So when I got home, I saw that the application needed to be received by February 15th, a month ago. I called TRIAD the next day and left a message, saying that I know the application was due in February and I know they don't make exceptions for late applications, but I didn't receive my paperwork until last week. They called me back today and left a message telling me that they may be able to work something out if my son is an adolescent, but all the child spots are full. Full? It's the middle of March - how can summer camp be full already?!?!! A camp that costs $900 at that?!?? Hayden's speech therapist had suggested I look into this other camp, which I did on Wednesday, but all the spots they have for special needs kids are full as well. WTF??? I thought I was on top of things, looking into summer camp before Spring Break. Man, I'm bummed. This is/was Hayden's only shot at having autism therapy over the summer. I'm going to call the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee on Monday and see if they can offer any help, but things aren't looking that great. I think I need a summer home in a bigger city where there are more services available for autistic kids. I do love living in Nashville, but it sucks for autistic kids.

Okay, I'm done whining, and I'll leave you on a happy note. I think I've found a new riding buddy - at least one for my indoor rides:

DH also took a shot from behind, but it makes my ass look gigantic. Must. Stop. Eating. Chocolate.


michelleknits said...

Love the hat and the pictures. Sorry about Hayden and the camp. That seems really frustrating. I hope something comes up for you -- you always seem to make it work!

Wannietta said...

My daughter Amanda is my personal trainer. In the nice weather, she's out on her bike & I'm fast walking'. When she turns around and giggles it's time to kick it up a notch and do a running interval.

(Make her pay you Hayden!!)

MeBeth said...

Your new riding buddy is adorable - he will steal the show! I'm sorry to hear about all of the camp frustration - grrrrr.