Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This picture of my finished Jaywalkers was taken on Sunday, when I was being completely inactive. (Gracie, although she looks like she's sitting calmly in the background, is making up for my inactivity. She's patiently waiting for the moment where Mike throws the ball so she can tear through the house after it.) I had a big nasty workout to do on Saturday, so Sunday I kitchener stitched the toe of my second sock, put them on, and put my feet up for a well-deserved bout of laziness.

Overall, I am pleased with my Jaywalkers. I love the yarn and I love the pattern. The only thing I would've done differently is make them on size 1 dpns. These are a teeny bit slouchy. But I'd rather have them a wee slouchy than too f-ing tight to get over my instep.

Because of my lacking in the skillz needed to make a sock fit properly, I have decided to go against the votes for the sock out of the Handknit Holidays book and have chosen the rib and cable sock. Not only have I chosen that pattern, I've started it. The yarn is as close to a solid color as I've seen Koigu get, so I think the cables will look fine. I do absolutely love the Handknit Holidays socks, and am anxious to see Alison's finished pair, but with the others I don't have to modify the pattern. And the less mods I have to make, the more of a chance I'll have at making socks that will fit my pal's feet.

I've not posted goals for the week lately, so I thought I'd do so now:

1. Do our taxes. April 15th is fast approaching!
2. Swatch for the Somewhat Cowl to see if I need to buy yarn. I'm going to Alabama next weekend and am planning on this being my road trip project. I might have a couple of candidates in my stash - Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, or maybe Classic Elite Premiere?
3. Do more core exercises - specifically, 3 days in addition to my weight lifting day. I was at the bike shop yesterday to get refitted on my racing bike, and the shop owner made me do an exercise that showed me a)how important strong core muscles are, and b)how not strong my core muscles are.
4. Have at least 3 repeats on my Sampler Stole done. So far I've got 1 1/2. It's pretty, but slow going. Basketball is over (at least for the University of Memphis Tigers, and therefore also for me), though, so I should be able to knit more while watching TV this week.

And last but not least, here's the latest update on the TRIAD summer camp. Hayden has to go on Monday afternoon for a pre-camper interview to determine if he'd benefit from camp. I'm finding myself a little nervous for him! Should I put together a resume? Should I buy him a little suit, or just a sportjacket and tie? (I'm soooo kidding on the suit or the tie - I believe that 6-year old boys should dress like 6-year old boys, not little Alex P. Keatons. I know other people do it, but not this mom. Jeans and t-shirts or polos is what Hayden lives in!) Anyway, be thinking of him next Monday at 4pm CST and hope that he charms the pants off those TRIAD people!


Jen said...

Ok. I know you just said that you don't think Hayden should look like Alex P Keaton (it just doesn't sound right without the P), but gosh darn it if I didn't let out a little AWWWW! when you first mentioned it. Good Luck Hayden!

And a big hearty congrats on the Jaywalkers! Must be such a feeling of satisfaction to finish a project that gave you a bit of grief. They look great and the color distribution is fantastic!

michelleknits said...

Yeah, I too think that would be fun, but you're right, he's a kid and should look like one. I'm sure he'll do great at the interview -- good luck!

And those jaywalkers are lovely. I'd like to try those someday.

spaazlicious said...

Great picture, I love the graceful alert lines of Gracie's neck.

Knock 'em dead at the interview Hayden!

Jenn said...

the socks are adorable!
your to-do list makes me tired..lol. good luck on finishing it all up!

and umm...your dog... beautiful! what kind is it?

i'm sure your little fellow will do great on Monday! jeans and polos...he's my kind of guy. :)


MeBeth said...

Good luck Hayden - if fashion counts for anything, you'll have no problem!