Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Sunday I took a little detour on the way to Sleeve Island to whip this little necklace up for my friend's birthday party:

The pattern is Strozzi, a free pattern on the Berroco website. It calls for Suede Deluxe, but I only had Suede in my stash, so I used it. I have no idea what the difference is, but I assumed not much. It turned out okay - not as cute as I thought it would, but okay. And she liked it, so it's all good. (And don't you like the way my bra makes me look like I have a decent rack? It's the $40 Boob Job purchased from Victoria's Secret.)

When I finally got to Sleeve Island, I ran into a tiny snafu: yarn shortage. I ran out of the grey Chunky Print I'm using in Hayden's cardi. It's a discontinued color, so it's next to impossible to find. I was about to give up hope and rip out parts of the cardi so that I could reconfigure the color scheme when Mike Googled "Rowan Chunky Print" and found some at Yarnzilla. I called them, and their dye lot is even the same as mine! Yippee! So a ball is on its way from Minnesota - thank you, Yarnzilla!

The sleeves on Lucy's cardi are just about done. I expect to be finished with the second one this afternoon, then I'll need to do the seaming and the neckline and sew on buttons. Almost there!

And last but not least, I finally present to you my Hourglass Pullover:

(Wow - the way the sunlight is hitting my face, my right ear looks very Spock-ish.) I love this sweater. This is the one sweater I think I'll actually do again. It's simple enough to work on anywhere and can be put down at any time yet it has enough design details to make it interesting - waist shaping, finished hems, bell sleeves, an interesting neckline. When (not if) I do make it again, however, I will make the sleeves a tiny bit shorter and I'll add 3 or 4 decrease rows around the neck rather than just one. The way the neckline is right now, I have to wear a cami underneath it (I'd rather have cami straps show than bra straps) and my rack is totally diminished. Here's another shot:

And here's a closeup shot of the neckline so that you can see the raglan and the finished hem detail (not that they're that interesting, but still):


Wendy said...

Wow, that looks great! (The hourglass sweater, the bra...;))

Way to go with your Google-fu, Mike!

Jen said...

Very pretty hourglass sweater.. and thanks for the chuckle on the Spock reference.

Boob job... I've always wanted a surgi-free one. I'll have to go check out the rack enhancers. I have to admit to not staring at boobies as much as you've invited me to just now. ;-)

emily said...

The hourglass sweater looks awesome. I love that pattern-- its simple enough that it shows off the yarn and the person so well. I dont own the book, but if I did I'd totally make one.
I think the difference between Suede and Suede deluxe is that Suede deluxe has sparkle in it, though I could be wrong. I love that yarn, even though I usually go for natural fibers... theres just something about it!

Marce said...

Hi! Linked here from Eunny's blog...FANTASTIC job on the Hourglass, now I want one! Congrats too on the Ironman - nothing more admirable than a fit knitter! :)