Sunday, November 19, 2006

Toasty toes

This weekend I developed a foot fetish. First I whipped out a pair of socks for Hayden. I'm not usually a sock knitter, but he's decided to wear white socks with his Crocs now that it's cold outside, and I can't stand him looking like such a nerd. So on Thursday and Friday, with some worsted weight out of my stash, I did these:

so that this:

is now this:

Much better, I must say.

Next, I whipped out a pair of baby booties for a neighbor friend due with child #3, boy #1.

She's due any day now, so I figured I better get these done. The pattern is out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the yarn is 1 skein of Lorna's Laces Angel, an angora/lambswool blend. They were so easy to do and turned out so freakin' cute that I may just have to buy another skein of that and do a pair for my new niece, Lucy. (Lucy's cardi is done, by the way, with the exception of buttons. Hayden and I would've gone to the fabric store today to find some, but a marathon of "Beauty and the Geek" put me in a trance. Never watch a show like that when you're PMSing or you'll feel like the biggest loser when you start crying.)


emily said...

Wow, productive weekend! I agree, those are much better than the white socks. And they look warmer too!

Jen said...

oh, how funny! you now have a totally styly son! nice work on all the toasty toe stuff.

Kenny said...

Hi, I couldn't find an e-mail address for you. Can you please tell me what size needle do you use with Jaggerspun Zephyr? I just bought some and want to knit the Sampler Stole from Gathering of Lace and am clueless as to which needle size to start.