Sunday, October 07, 2007

No pictures for you!

I have been knitting up a storm lately, so I have a couple of FOs to show you and 1 WIP. Unfortunately, the batteries in our camera decided to die, so I have to wait until Walgreens opens up. These are the pictures you're missing out on right now:

Finished my Clap. (Why I put the link, I don't know. EVERYONE is familiar with the Clap by now.) Really pretty.

Started a baby sweater on Thursday, finished it last night. So damn cute it makes you want to puke.

I'm over halfway finished with the back of a sweater vest for Mike. Looking good. Really like my yarn choice.

I just bought the Zephyr girls' Juliet pattern and am getting ready to swatch for it. I have some pale pink Lang Yarns Eve in my stash that I think will work perfectly. I wasn't impressed with this cardi at first, but it grew on me. Also, I think the idea of making a really quick knit for me is enticing; I have done so many projects lately for others that I'm feeling a little neglected. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get it done before we leave for Disneyworld on Wednesday evening? I don't know if the weather's going to be cool enough for a little cardi like this, but I'd be willing to pack it just in case. I may be able to do it. My back is totally messed up right now, I think due to a hilly bike ride right before my Chains class (scroll halfway down the page and click on the guy standing on a box, holding a bar) last Thursday night , so I haven't moved from my couch very much since yesterday morning.

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