Friday, September 26, 2008

Self-Portrait Friday

I know that a lot of bloggers pick one day a week to post a self portrait, so I'll follow suit. Here's Hayden starting things off:

I love this. He has learned how to use the camera to take pictures of himself. He has a specific routine: put the camera on the floor, stand up, do a dance (the same one every time, of course), do a belly-flop and slide across the floor towards the camera, then press the button. The above shot was taken on his very first try. Since Mike and I laughed pretty hard when he showed it to us, he took some more. Here are a couple of his others:

(Okay, that last one was taken by me, but it's still great. We drove home from swim practice Tuesday night with the windows down, and this is what he looked like after sticking his head out the entire way. We're growing his hair out, Jonas Brothers style. I'd love for it to curl a little more - Nick Jonas is my favorite. That is, if I had to pick a fave Jonas.)

And a shot of me in another FO:

Yeah, I'm boring. How many pictures of this sweater have you seen in Blogland? The infamous Rusted Root by the Zephyr gals. But it is a great sweater, and it was super-quick. 2 weeks from start to wearable. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece like the pattern called for and did the next to smallest size. (And yes, my hair is shorter and looking a bit curlier than it has over the last year. I've given up on trying to have Jackie Warner hair. My hair just doesn't want to be straight. I had a client who had the hots for me and said, "You should take advice from your hair," when I told her that. I have to give her credit for coming up with a funny so quickly, but I still had to fire her. Much to her dismay (and begging and pleading) I would not go carpet munching. Sorry - I'm married to a man. I like bananas, not tuna or clams.)

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