Thursday, October 09, 2008

Conversation with Obama

Obama: So, are you whipping her into shape?
Me: I'm trying to!
Obama: Well, you look like you could whip anyone into shape!

No, this isn't a conversation I had with Barack in my dreams. It happened in REAL LIFE at 715am yesterday morning. ACK!!!!

Yesterday morning I was training a client at the Wellness Center at Baptist Hospital. I wanted her to run some hill repeats but it was raining outside, so we got on a treadmill. I'm having her warm up, we're talking, I'm looking at the food journal she gave me, and this guy walks by. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and thought, "Man, that looks like Barack Oba....wait! That IS Barack Obama!!!" When celebrities who are in town and are staying at this one certain hotel want to get a workout in, they go to the Wellness Center. It's not the nicest facility in town, but it's got what you need and it's not crowded at all. I looked at my client, and her eyes were huge. He got on the only treadmill left, which was between 2 guys. They started saying hi and shaking his hand, so I naturally went over and introduced myself. Insert our conversation here. I offered to whip him into shape, but I guess he just wanted to get a run in with his iPod. He's quite a runner! My client and I couldn't breathe for a while - so totally cool. And the secret service guys were cool too. They thought it was awesome that I do Ironman triathlons. After he ran for a bit, he went downstairs and played a little basketball with a friend of mine. ACK! How cool is that?!??


Princessliak said...

that made me laugh this morning - thanks!

yaiAnn said...

OMG! And where was your camera while all this happened?

Wendy said...

Did you hear that SQUEE all the way to Tennessee? 'Cuz that was me. ;)

If he gets elected, you are totally going to have to use some variation of that exchange on your business cards. :)

Dee said...

My heart is pounding and I didn't even meet the man....