Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Go meet your new mommy!

Waah! Yesterday I finished seaming the Apricot Jacket from a previous Rebecca magazine (maybe number 27). It was such a relief b/c I had been battling this pattern since the beginning of January. A friend of mine suggested we do a trade b/c I wanted her to crochet this beautiful Rowan skirt for me, and she picked the Apricot Jacket. The Infamous Apricot Jacket, as I've heard it's referred to on other people's blogs. A lot of my problems I think stemmed from the fact that the yarn she picked was a lot smaller than the yarn the pattern called for. Anyway, after many a heartache, I GOT IT DONE. Yippee for me! There were times that I seriously doubted I'd see the day. But now my problem is this: I've kinda grown attached to it and am sad it's not mine. It doesn't fit me, but nonetheless, it's not mine. I feel like I've just had a baby that I have to give up for adoption! Horrible. I'm seriously thinking of doing it again for myself, this time in All Seasons Cotton, which is the same gauge as the ggh Java that the pattern calls for. Yes, my mother, my husband, and my friends who had to hear me bitch about it for the last 2 months think I've lost my mind, but I think it'll be much better the second time around. I've already made it once, so I have it figured out. And in the right yarn, it'll probably go quickly. Sounds like I'm talking myself into it, huh? I was in my LYS today, discussing it, but I didn't go and look at the ASC colors they had b/c I knew if I did that, I'd end up buying it. I can't do that right now - I have 3 other sweaters to do plus the Koigu pants from Vogue Knitting. And I'm doing a marathon this weekend and am about to start training for the upcoming triathlon season, so I don't have an abundance of free time for more knitting projects. Sounds like I'm talking myself out of it, huh? We'll see who wins.

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