Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Knitting (k)news

I know that lately my posts have been about triathlon or my former (and new) bike, which isn't very exciting to people who aren't anal tri-geeks like myself, so I'll update y'all on my knitting.

I finished the bag I'm going to felt for the silent auction during the Autism Conference next month. It's cute un-felted, so I'm hoping it'll stay cute when I finally get around to felting it. I'm planning on making a beaded handle, but if that doesn't look good, I'll have to buy more yarn to knit a strap b/c I used all the yarn for the bag. I'm really counting on the beaded thing to work b/c it'd be really annoying to have to buy yarn just for a strap.

I was going gangbusters on Lelah until I decided to start a project for my Secret Pal. I can't tell you about that b/c if she's reading this, she'll be able to figure out who I am! But I can tell you that I hope she ends up liking it. I like it.

Then I was going gangbusters on my Secret Pal secret project when I decided last Thursday night that I need to do a Fiery Bolero like FaeryCrafty recently did. It's from the summer issue of Interweave Knits. I'm usually a yarn snob, but I'm using Bernat Baby Softee like she did. She pointed out that boleros are pretty trendy and therefore probably won't be in for very long, and she didn't want to spend a lot of money on it for that reason. I bought the mag and the yarn on Friday and worked on it in the car this weekend to and from Morgantown, West Virginia where I did the toughest half-Iron distance triathlon EVER. I thought that b/c I had so much guilt-free knititng time and the bolero's not very big that I'd be able to get it finished in the car, but that didn't happen. I'm over halfway done, though, so that's good. It's turning out cute. For those of you who think boleros are cute (unlike my husband, who doesn't see the point), you should check this pattern out. Very easy. And, if you're not a yarn snob (or you are a yarn snob who is willing to bend your rules a little), you should check out Bernat's Baby Softee. I'm using only 1 skein for the whole thing, so it's turning out to be less than $3!!!

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christine said...

Hi Stephanie!
I don't remember how much larger it was, but I think that you could still pull it off with the one over 2 method. just make sure halfway thru that it's going to fit still, you don't want to get it so tight that you can't wear it! I actually did the 1 over 2 for half of mine and then regular bindoff for the rest.
And if you were to make it a skirt, add more stockinette to cover the uh.. well you know!
And if you do a skirt, just make it longer! (If I were to do it over, I would have made it past knee length with more lace repeats and then somewhere above the knees did the stockinette, and maybe even done a row of eyelets at the top (thus eliminating the need for elastic) and strung an i-cord thru!
I hope that helps somewhat! If you need more, write me back!
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