Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Secrets are fun!

I got an email 2 days ago (or was it yesterday? can't remember) from my secret pal! Yippee! Can you tell I'm excited about this? I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I also got the info on the secret pal I'm going to spoil, so I emailed her yesterday. She seems really cool. She and I have some similar interests, so she seems to be the type of person I'd be friends with if she lived here (or I lived there). :)

Flick is driving me crazy! How long can it possibly take to knit 8 stitches for 15 inches?!? My original plan was to get it done so that I could wear it in Chicago last weekend, but obviously that didn't happen. Oh well. She SHOULD be done this weekend, though, so maybe I'll just have to tell my husband that we have to go back to Chicago so that she can have the debut that was intended for her.

It's raining here today, which sucks. Rain is good knitting weather, but bad riding weather. Doesn't Mother Nature know that I'm supposed to ride my bike every Wednesday? I'm supposed to swim and run tomorrow morning, so I've thought about switching that to today and ride tomorrow, but I think it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. :( I'll have to check with before I make my final decision. I may end up on my Spin bike here at home for an hour and 15 minutes. Yuck. Maybe I should look at this optimistically: if it rains today and tomorrow, maybe all the rain will be gone before the weekend and I can ride 75 miles outside on dry roads!

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