Sunday, September 18, 2005

Can someone bring me some lunch?

Because I am so tired and can't muster up the energy to go out and get any. Friday was my birthday, so Mike, Hayden and I went to my favorite sushi restaurant for dinner then to the Gap to buy some jeans that I can't pull off without unbuttoning. (Of course, now that I'm not Ironman-training, that might change!). Yesterday I got up at 5:30am and went to a local triathlon and worked out on the bike course. That's always fun and should be done by anyone who's ever participated in a race. When I got home a little before noon, I started knitting feverishly on my Butterfly, trying to get it done before I went out that night. I had sewn her up, but I needed to graft the ends of the hem together (the biggest pain in the butt EVER), do the armholes and neck edging, do the straps, and weave in ends. I got it done, and it's lurvely. I'll post pictures at a later date. I made some changes to the pattern, simply b/c I wanted to wear it last night. I didn't do the picot cast off that the pattern calls for on the armholes and neck. I also knitted the straps with size 6 needles rather than 3s, and I did the straps the dress calls for rather than the top (the top/vest/whatever they call it has straps that tie up on the shoulders). I figured that straps are straps and if I used 3s, I'd never get it done in time. Looking back on it, however, I hope that I didn't make a bad decision. Kidsilk Haze is very stretchy, and I wonder if using the 3s would've made it less stretchy. I just don't want the straps to get all stretched out and make the top not fit correctly. It worked fine last night, but I could tell they did stretch out some. Maybe they've done all the stretching they're gonna do. Plus, maybe I can block them back down to their original length. Anyway, after I ate dinner last night, I went to Victoria's Secret and bought a purple bra and a purple camisole. I took Butterfly with me to make sure the ensemble looked good. Then later I went dancing with my hairdresser and my best friend. I don't mean to brag, but I was a vision of beauty in all my purple-ness. I was very pleased with how everything turned out. We went dancing at this really fun gay bar until 2am, then Dee (my friend) and I made a late night snack stop at Wendy's. (I had watched "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" earlier, so we called our adventure "Dee and IronNakedie go to Wendy's." It was funny at the time, and still is, a little bit.) I didn't go to bed until after 3am. This has been the second weekend in a row that I have stayed up for almost 24 hours. Yikes! Man, I need some sleep. Back to normal life starting tomorrow.


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FaeryCrafty said...

I'll be right over to bring you lunch haha! I'm so jealous that you are finished with Butterfly!!!

Compa Secreta said...

Hooray for happy (if exhausting) birthday weekends!

H&KGtW was a great flick, lots of fun--did you eat that much food at the Wendy's? I think your other jeans would have no trouble staying up after that ;)

Looking forward to the Butterfly pics, have a great week and take care,
your Secret Pal