Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh, Mummy...

... may I have a spot of tea?

If Hayden didn't have such a silly expression on his face (trust me - he's normally WAY cuter than this, but I wasn't having much luck getting a good picture before school) and he had pants on rather than shorts, he'd look straight out of a Rowan pattern book. I had to put shorts on him because it was almost 90 degrees. And as soon as the school picture was taken, we changed his top to a short sleeved t-shirt.

This is Hamish out of Rowan Junior. I used Rowanspun 4ply. I liked knitting with the yarn, and I like the tweediness of it, but sewing up with it is a pain. You have to be REALLY careful or it'll break. The pattern is extremely easy and very cute, but one major thing of note: I have had problems, which I've mentioned in an earlier post, with making the neckhole (for lack of a better word) fit over the poor child's head. I started out making the neckhole deeper, but that didn't work, so what I eventually ended up doing is just picking up stitches around the neck, knitting one row, then binding off, all with a size 6 needle. (The pattern tells you to pick up stitches and do 3x3 ribbing for 5 rows with a size 3 needle. No freaking way.) So, to anyone thinking of doing this vest, MAKE SURE IT CAN FIT OVER THE RECIPIENT'S HEAD. Someone told me in the past that a child's head is not too different than our heads, so if you're making this as a gift, try it over your head. Yeah, you might look stupid with this little vest hanging around your neck, but at least you're making sure that the vest can be put to good use.


Compa Secreta said...

Yes, their wee noggins aren't so wee, are they?

I think that's why childbirth is such a big deal, eh?

(I mean, besides the whole nine month gestational period, good lord)

michelleknits said...

I think he looks adorable in his vest!

Oh, I finished the rowan calmer legwarmers this morning -- it's YOU who introduced me to this lovely stuff!

FaeryCrafty said...

Aww he looks great in his sweater :)

Kel said...

TOOOO cute!