Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thank you Compa Secreta!

I got my first SP6 package today, and it was chock-full of great things! Unfortunately something is wrong with the upload image on Blogger right now (or else I'm just being stupid - I'd like to think it's Blogger's fault) so I can't show you the contents, but I can tell you about them! There's a bar of handmade oat and lavendar soap; dog treats for Rudy and Gracie (so thoughtful!); little toys for Hayden to play with (even more thoughtful!); a book called "Chi Running" which I'm anxious to read b/c I've heard about this new style of running that sounds similar to this, and it's supposed to be great for keeping you injury-free; a CD of songs that she likes to run to (yay!); and the Loop D Loop book that I've drooled over for several months now. Yippee! Thank you very much Compa Secreta!!!

Speaking of running, I tried to run for the first time since Ironman last night - what a joke! I took last week completely off from working out, and I felt great. Monday night I swam, and that felt great. Last night I ran 3.5 miles in my neighborhood - not so great. In fact, as far from great as you can get. I made it the whole way without walking, but my time was 5 minutes slower than it normally is, and my legs hurt so badly that I felt like I had run 20 miles. Guess my legs haven't forgotten about the hell I put them through in Madison just yet. I had been planning on running again tomorrow, but I've obviously rethought that. I'll be on the Spin bike, listening to my SP CD.

Speaking of knitting (well, I really wasn't, but this is my knitting blog, so I can just pretend I was), I feel like I need to go to Knitalongs Anonymous. Have you noticed the KAL buttons on my sidebar? Have I talked about working on any of those projects lately? The problem is that I get bored at work and read other people's blogs and find KALs that I want to join. I am working on the Union Square Market Pullover, though, I promise. I just keep putting it down for other non-KAL projects, like Butterfly and Hayden's vest. I took a picture of my USM progress and will post it once I'm able to. I have yarn for the Weasley KAL, but I want to finish other things first before I start that. I haven't bought the yarn for the Greek Pullover KAL, but I've promised the hostess that I will soon. I must stop joining KALs - I must!!!


FaeryCrafty said...

I can't wait to hear how the Chi Running book is. Let me know :)

Compa Secreta said...

Yay, I'm so glad you got it (hooray for the much maligned USPS!) and even happier that you like it!)

I hope you dig the's not Lynyrd Skynryd (sp?) but I like the mindless rythm. And you'll proably be able to guess from it that I'm a pulser. ;)

Kel said...

Ditto on the Chi Running... I've had that on my list to look at for a while :)