Thursday, October 13, 2005

I love having a stash!

I started doing my gauge swatch this afternoon for Hayden's Harry Potter sweater, and found that a) I don't like using size 10.5 needles after working furiously with size 3 needles, and b) the yarn (Rowanspun Chunky) was knitting up too bulky and stiff for me. Also, I was having flashbacks of knitting my husband's sweater last Christmas that he's worn only 3 times b/c I knit it with bulky yarn and therefore it's too warm to wear in Nashville. So I started getting bummed b/c I really wanted to start working on that sweater tonight during the guild meeting. All of sudden, I remembered that I had some Rowanspun DK in my stash - 6 hanks of it! I had bought it on sale, hoping to make Hayden yet another Rowan sweater. But since I have no definite plans for it, and it's tweedy and therefore deserving to be a Harry Potter sweater, and I have leftover yarn from Hayden's school picture sweater vest (also Rowanspun DK), I'm putting the chunky stuff back in my stash and winding the DK for the sweater. This also means that I can use Alison's sweater pattern, which I'm sure will be a better choice in the long run than the pattern I was going to use. Here's my new dilemma: should the initial on the front be navy blue or orange? The main color is sort of mushroom. I'll try to take pictures of the yarn later tonight or tomorrow and post them so y'all can see and cast your vote.

The reason I'm starting on the HP sweater is b/c I finished knitting my USM sleeves! Whoop, whoop, whoopie!!! Unfortunately, though, my iron has decided to die, leaving me no steam with which to block the sleeves (which are in desperate need of a good blocking - the hems are rolling up). So on the blocking board they sit, waiting until I can buy a new iron. After that, all that's left is sewing and buttoning!


FaeryCrafty said...

Wooohoo! Can't wait to see it! Darn you iron for breaking!

Compa Secreta said...

I vote for navy can almost never go wrong with navy. ;)