Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The pros (and cons) of being sick

So I haven't been sick in nearly 2 years, but today I feel like sh*t. I think it's a combination of a)my defenses still being down from Ironman, and b)I have a husband who was puking all night last Monday night and a son who was coughing for 2 straight weeks. Yuck. When you're sick, though, you can get all sorts of knitting done. I'm almost finished with the second sleeve of my USM. I'm so close, in fact, that I'm thinking about what new project to take to my knitting guild meeting Thursday night b/c I'm afraid if I take the sleeve, I'll finish it there and I'll be forced to sit in a meeting with no knitting, which would be a complete crime. I'll try to do a gauge swatch for Hayden's Harry Potter sweater tomorrow so I can take that.

The downside to being sick is that there's hardly anything on TV in the middle of the day and you're forced to watch stupid stuff (even more stupid than the MTV stuff I watch now). Remember my July 4th post when I talked about watching the hot dog eating championship? Well, today I watched the soft taco eating championship. The same people put it on (the International Federation of Competitive Eating), and it was called the Tour de Gorge. The commentators, 2 brothers, are actually pretty funny. The girl who won is this tiny Asian woman named Sonya. Her nickname is the Black Widow (like the woman who plays pool) and she set a new world record - 48 tacos in 11 minutes. That's over 4 tacos each minute - can you imagine??? She beat the previous world record (that she set last year) of 42 tacos. Amazing. I'm now very curious about this sport. How do you get interested in taking this challenge on? How do you train? Not that I want to get into this; I'm just curious. I think competitive eating would seriously hamper my ability to do Ironman triathlons, and I think that racing 140.6 miles and pushing your body to its absolute limit is way more fun than seeing how fast you can stuff your face.

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FaeryCrafty said...

I hope you feel better. Never quite grasped the concept of the whole food contest thing.