Friday, October 21, 2005

So here it is!

The Ugliest Top in the World! This is my submission to the You Knit What? Halloween contest. I don't see how this can't win. (By the way, my friend, the top's recipient, came over last night to help me determine the placement of the elastic straps, and she said she thought it was cute and she's planning on wearing it in Miami next month. I hope she was just trying to be nice in front of me and make me feel like the time I spent slaving over these horrible novelty yarns was worthwhile.)

This is my usual boring pose:

This is a silly pose. I thought the cowboy hat added character to the whole ensemble:

Uh-oh! Where's the back of my top?

Before I got the elastic straps on, my husband and son started finding different ways to wear the top. This is my favorite:

Yay! Mommy's going to win the You Knit What? Halloween contest because this is the butt-ugliest thing I've ever seen!!!

Now, back to some normal, pretty knitting with real yarn.


FaeryCrafty said...

Hahaha! That is great! Love the Cowgirl hat one! You better win :)

Compa Secreta said...

Daveeeeee! Daveeee Crockett, king of the wild brassiere!

michelleknits said...

Oh my god, that really is the craziest knit item I have every seen. Love the pictures!

alison said...

Wow, that does look like a winner! Love the wig photos! :D

Ruby Banshee said...

That's absolutely incredible. I also don't know how you can't win. You actually pull it off really well though, I love the poses!

Abby said...

I thought mine was bad. Yours is much, much worse. I would lay my money on your entry! Good luck!