Sunday, October 09, 2005

They're vultures, I tell you! Vultures!

Yesterday afternoon, after I did the AIDS Walk, I hung out at my LYS for some weekend knitting with friends. Our table is near the clearance shelf, where yarn is 50% off. There were some ladies hovering around it, picking out some really pretty Baby Alpaca Brush. I thought to myself, "When they're gone, I will pick out some for my Secret Pal." However, when they left, some other ladies IMMEDIATELY took their place, then when they left, another woman came and snatched up what was left of the only color I thought my Secret Pal would like. So I was left with no Baby Alpaca Brush to buy at $3.25 a ball. Bummer. Moral of the story: grow some balls when you get near yarn on clearance, and push your way through the masses.

My Union Square Market Pullover is getting closer and closer to being done - yippee! Here are some pictures:

This is the body of the sweater on my ugly blocking board. Don't worry - I don't really like fabric like that. I think that years ago, that was given to me for the purpose of becoming a little shortall for Hayden, but obviously it never made it to that point.

This is me modeling the left sleeve. Fits perfectly! I was trying to strike a pose like the model on the cover of the magazine is, but my husband made me laugh, so I just look stupid. The shirt I am wearing is from the AIDS Walk I did earlier in the day. I walked with a group of friends from my LYS, Angel Hair Yarn Company, and we raised money. In return, the shop made those shirts for us to wear. Cute, huh?

My goal is to get the right sleeve done this week. I did the left sleeve in 5 days, so I should be able to do it. I won't be interrupted by a sick husband this time, hopefully. He was puking all night Monday night and left me to be the single parent. Cut into my knitting time drastically - damn him!

After I get the right sleeve knitted, I'm going to start Hayden's Harry Potter sweater. I just finished Book 6 Friday night, and I bawled. (Did anybody else? Please say yes so I don't feel like a loser.) I've also seen the trailer for the next movie, and it looks SO GOOD!!! Can't wait. For the sweater, I'm using a pattern that's written for all different gauges. I bought a chunky yarn so that it'll knit up quickly, but I had a thought the other night that chunky might not have been the best choice b/c the real Weasley sweater isn't done in a chunky yarn. Oh well. I'll start it, and hopefully I won't change my mind. I've got too many projects lined up for this sweater to take very long.


michelleknits said...

It looks great!

MeBeth said...

Um, yes, I snuffled quite a bit at the end of HP, so either you are not a loser or we are both losers! And your USM is looking great!