Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Have you seen this or this yet? Pretty cool, eh? Can't wait to get mine done!


MeBeth said...

The vest looks great - I admire your Olympic spirit!!

Jen said...

yes, but what drives me crazy is that Winnie calls that her "swatch". Why can't I be that fast and good that an fO that beautiful can be considered a throwaway swatch? Wah!

BTW, I just noticed on your sidebar that you have two dogs. I think Jack Russell's are just the CUTEST dogs and I used to live with a couple of German Shorthaired Pointers. Any chance of some pics of them, maybe even with Hayden? I have a climbing movie with Biskit the Climbing dog, and man was she ever AWESOME! Biskit was a Jack Russell Terrier and as far as I'm concerned, the highlight of the Banff Mountain film festival 2 years ago.

Barbara said...

Your color combo looks great!!! Very Springy... (is that a word? haha) Thanks for linking me- how exciting!!