Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time's up!

According to Stephanie's countdown timer, the Knitting Olympics ended 19 minutes ago. So did I earn my gold medal?

It's all knitted and sewn together, but it's soaking and will be blocking soon. Does that count? Or do I get silver? Bronze maybe? Am I on the podium at all?

I could've been done on time. I should've been done on time. But...
...I ran out of yarn and ordered some more, but I lost 1 entire day waiting for it.
...I went to dinner with a friend on Thursday night before going for a makeover. Sushi+beer+makeup=not a lot of knitting getting done.
...Friday night I was almost ready to steek, and I got scared, so I did LOTS of other things - went for a run, drove my run course to see exactly how far I ran, read blogs, emailed friends.
...after I finished steeking the vest yesterday (which wasn't so bad!), I had so much nervous energy that I went for a 40-mile bike ride instead of continue working on it. Vest isn't totally done, but boy did I have a good time!
...last night I HAD to go to a party. Earlier in the week, I told a friend that I'd come unless I wasn't where I needed to be in my Olympic knitting. She informed me that if I missed her party because I was home KNITTING, she'd crown me the nerdiest person ever. Mistake on my part. I should've said, "I'll try," and left it at that.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

1 hour later:

Everyone has a knitting disaster, right? I've never had one - until now. I laid the vest on my blocking board, looked down, and saw a vest that would fit only a big fat Amazon woman. It grew in length, it grew in grew all over. I didn't block my swatch like Eunny told me to do, so I guess this is my fault. I've never blocked a swatch before, so I didn't see the need to do it. Boy, was I wrong in this case! This yarn has grown like a Sea Monkey. I called my mom, also a knitter, and she told me to put it in the dryer for 5 minutes. I did that, but no change. I put it on, and it's almost down to my knees, the v neck is down to my's total crap all around. (However, the puckering that was going on before blocking went away.) I can't believe it - it fit me great before blocking, and now it's 10 sizes bigger. Anyway, I'm very disappointed in myself for not being able to produce a great vest like others out there. I'm upset because I just spent 16 days working on something that's going to end up in the trash. (If I'm not embarrassed to take it up to my LYS, I may do that and see if they can offer a solution. So it's not immediately going into the trash.) I'm embarrassed because lots of people knew I was doing this and now I have nothing to show them. It's almost like the few times I've had to drop out of marathons that friends knew I was running, and having to tell them what happened when they asked me how it went. Eunny, I hope that you don't think badly of me because I failed at my first attempt at your wonderful pattern. I really love the vest and would like to take a second stab at it. I've already been looking at Knitpicks Merino Style - 100% merino wool in lots of great colors for not a lot of money.

Ugh. I'm going outside for a bike ride. Sorry to disappoint.


michelleknits said...

Stephanie, you totally won! It's knitted up -- even though blocking it is recommended, it's not as if you HAVE to block, therefore it could be considered done, right? So proud of you! And you did all of that extra fun stuff, too!

Barbara said...

OH NO!!! My jaw dropped as I read it- I"m so sorry!

Maybe you can sew it into a pillow or something? You really did a lovely job on the knitting- and the colors are so pretty- there has to be another use!!

michelleknits said...

Um, ok, so you added to this story and it has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I'm so sorry, Stephanie. I'm sure you can knit it up again (you did this so fast), but I know how disappointed you must be.

Definitely show it to your LYS -- don't be ashamed. You did such excellent knitting work that there HAS to be a solution! I still have faith!

Kel said...

Oh no! Your poor vest! :(
You're still an Olympic knitter though! Hope the LYS has a fix...

spaazlicious said...

Um, I know someone who might classify as Amazon who might like it.

So, it's three times your size--which means you won the gold three times over.

Nyxxie said...

WOW at least you got it all knitted yo! I am SO SO SO very sorry to hear about the blocking! Maybe someone at LYS will be able to help! I sure hope so it is so pretty.

Also on some Friday nights for SNB I go to The Knaughty Knitter in M'boro!

heather said...

Aw, I'm so sorry for you! If it's any consolation, it's still gorgeous, sitting there in your sink.

Hope you find a fix!

Jen said...


I'm so sorry that the sweater grew so much in the wash! Do you think that throwing it in the dryer even longer (like until it's COMPLETELY dry) would do anything to shrink it back down? Could you felt it, or find someone with a really long torso to give it to?

MeBeth said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your Olympic mishap. It's sort of like you entered the downhill but won the bobsled instead - it didn't work out just like you planned but you finished a difficult project and knitted something that will definitely find a use somehow! (perhaps as a slipcover? many pillowcases? a gift for someone else? next year's halloween costume?)