Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Finally - a picture of my progress on my argyle vest:

See what I mean about the puckering, Eunny? I feel fairly confident that it'll go away with blocking. At least I hope so - if it doesn't, I may have to spend some time in an asylum. This shot turned out darker than what I thought it would, so the colors don't look as good as they do in real life. (And while looking at the picture while previewing this post, I might've found a mistake. Must investigate when I'm done blogging. Now I've got you examining the picture to find what I'm talking about, huh? Well, I'm not telling you! Hopefully I'm wrong anyway.) The combination of the lilac and cream are so happy and springy. And the pattern is so great. I strongly urge anyone who's remotely thinking of buying this pattern from Eunny to go ahead and do it. She wrote a terrific pattern (of course - what else would you expect from her?) that's very easy to follow.

And here's a picture of Hayden modeling my Gryffindor scarf:

He's kinda looking like a rabbi to me, Hogwarts-style. Does anyone else see that? Maybe I should make him a matching yarmulke. Oh wait - this is my scarf. Miles and miles of stockinette stitch. I think it turned out cool, but it was sooooo bor-ring to do. I cut it short by 2 repeats. I was running out of burgundy yarn, and I was really tired of doing it. Long enough anyway.

I realize that I didn't post goals for the week on Sunday like I normally do, so here I go:

1. Get the vest to the point of steeking by Sunday night. (Yikes!!!)
2. Do more abwork. Strong abs and a strong back are key to becoming a stronger triathlete, yet I do not do it enough. Plus, DH bought me a bikini for Valentine's Day from Victoria's Secret. If anyone gets the catalogs (he bought me something from them for Christmas, so we get at least 3 catalogs a week), it's the one on the cover of the swimsuit issue. Fushia and turquoise in a batik pattern. VERY cute. Must have a flat stomach to look super-hot in it when we go to Florida in May.
3. Do all of my workouts on my training schedule. I can feel that I'm becoming stronger, so that's great. I want to kick ass at the Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City on May 12th!!!! (I will not be wearing the VS bikini during the race, though. That's for the day before and the post-race party. I used to wear swimsuits for races - not the lay-out-by-the-pool suit, but the I'm-a-kick-ass-triathlete suit - until DH told me my ass jiggles when I run in a bikini. The D stood for dumbass that day! I wound up with a new bike as a result of that faux-pas. But I digress.)
4. Look into summer school options for Hayden. The past 2 summers, he's gone to therapy at the same place he goes to play group therapy right now. However, the schedule is really weird, so I have to do some major maneuvering of my work schedule, and that's tough. Also, he's a little older than most of the kids that go there, and he's definitely higher functioning, so I'm thinking that maybe if I find a Montessori school that he can go to over the summer that we can supplement with private speech and autism therapy sessions in the afternoons like we do now after school, that might be better for him. He really needs social interaction with other kids, and I don't feel like he's really getting that with the kids he goes to play group with right now - one is pretty out of touch with what goes on around her (and is almost totally non-verbal) and the other has spent the last month screaming bloody murder through the entire therapy session. If those are the kids he's going to be in therapy with over the summer, then maybe I need to find another option. Who wants to spend their mornings with a kid who screams for hours on end? Not me! Definitely not Hayden!!

Okay, off to work on the vest (and hopefully find that I didn't make a mistake) before going to a Valentine's Day sushi-fest with my best friend. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


michelleknits said...

gorgeous (the vest) and adorable (your sweet sweet child)!

Jen said...

OOH, pretty! Tell me, does the thought of steeking scare the crap out of you like it does me? At least Eunny showed us how to crochet steek. That took away some of the fear from the thought of having a sewing machine out, but still, scissors and knitting?

Laura said...

I saw a Disney Princesses DVD advertised and released on Valentine's Day, and thought of Hayden. The child can write a letter to a princess and she writes back. It's at: http://www.ultimatedisney.com/disneyprincess-wave4-pressrelease.html

eunny said...

Ack, where did my comment go?

Anyway, it looks great!

1) Don't worry about the bubbling; as long as it smooths out when you stretch it gently, it'll be fine;

2) Hayden is so cute!

3) You are a monster with the workouts. I'm constantly amazed by how attuned you are to your body and the demands of training...I hope to be like you someday.

Your Sockapalooza Pal said...

your vest is going to be amazing. great work. ooh, can't wait to see how it looks steeked. good luck with that!

just wanted to stop by and say hi. :) and be a sneaky tease. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it looks as though you've pulled the strands too tightly and the only recourse will be to rip out and reknit. Maybe a class in stranding color would be helpful as you restart - it's a common mistake that a lot of new knitters make!

Kel said...

Sadly, it looks as if someone has left a backhandedly snarky comment on your blog. It looks GREAT!