Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Curse of the Goddess of Warmer Weather Sweater

Finally, a picture of the Brioche Rib Turtleneck in Artful Yarns Shakespeare! This is my Goddess of Warmer Weather Sweater. (And in real life, the sweater goes much better with those pants. The color of blue in the sweater matches the pants exactly. I swear I'm not colorblind.) Last year I got all the pieces done and was ready to do the seaming and the turtlenecking right when it got warm. So in the Ziploc bag it went. Since I've finished it this year, it's been unseasonably warm and I've worn it only once (and almost broke out into a sweat whilst doing so). And I didn't think to take it to Disneyworld, where it was in the 40s and low 50s on Friday and Saturday.

Overall, I like this sweater. The yarn is soft and pretty, although as I said before, it was a bitch to work with because of its fragility. The pattern was super easy, but not incredibly boring due to the brioche rib. I really like the brioche rib; however, the stitch makes the turtleneck be a TURRRRRTLEneck. I kinda feel like a look a little space age-y. I guess I could've picked up less stitches and it wouldn't have been as big of a turtleneck, but then it might've looked like a neckbrace.

Here's a closeup shot of the brioche rib on the sleeve. Someone told me to use a lifeline during the brioche rib because it was such a difficult stitch to do, but I didn't have any trouble with it. Maybe I'm THAT good of a knitter. Ha!

In other knitting news, I won a contest! Another one! I participated in the Hand Knitted Gift KAL that Alison hosted, and yesterday she put everyone who had earned a gold star into a hat to randomly draw for prizes. (Well, she just put our names into a hat - putting everyone into a hat would've been a logistical nightmare.) I won a ball of Rowan Calmer in white. Yippee for me! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Rowan Whore, so I am excited about this. I've got a couple of balls (hee hee - I said "couple of balls") of Calmer in my stash already, so I can add this one to it and see what neat project I can add to my To Knit list!


michelleknits said...

C-A-L...M-E-R (Why? Because we like you!). You lucky duck, but you deserve it, of course.

spaazlicious said...

Looks good! I started the Brioche Rib Raglan from IK awhile back and in it they say something about trying the hats first in the stitch to work out any issues, but I had no problem with straight up and down brioche and didn't see what the big deal was. Then the increases started and I got all confuzélled and embarrassed 'cuz I was all confuzélled about something which was probably just one of those, "oh, duh" perception things more than anything else. So it's in a drawer, and I can't decide if I want a big bulky raglan, or turn it into the fisherman's rib cardi from a really old Rebecca that I have.

Anyway, until the increases, I thought the brioche rib was really fun, and I like the way they look in that variegated yarn on the cuffs, very neat.

Jen said...

You are the contest queen! I noticed that you won and had to stop on by and congratulate you on your new Rowan acquisition. Now, what to do with more Calmer???

Brioche rib on the sweater, huh? I'll have to go look that one up. I was thinking of using some sock yarn to do a head wrap thingy to keep my hair out of my face and my head reasonably warm when we're out in the desert in the winter, and maybe the brioche rib will work for that... You say it wasn't too bad, so maybe I'll go for it!

eunny said...

I LOVE that brioche rib. It looks phenomenal in that varigated colorway...and I think the neck looks good!

felisquatro@comcast.net said...

Your sweater's gorgeous! I just got some of that yarn on sale and can't wait to start a sweater - but it is SO fragile, and I wonder how it'll wear? Have you worn yours much?