Friday, January 20, 2006

WIPS (both present and future)

Here are some pictures of a couple of WIPs and yarn that already knows what it wants to be when it grows up:

My growing Gryffindor scarf. Bor-ring to knit, but I'll feel cool in a nerdy sort of way when I get to wear it. To make it in true PoA style, I have to have 14 repeats. I'm on my way to the 10th one (which will be done by Sunday, because that was one of my goals for the week.)

A Feather & Fan scarf using the silk that Wendy sent me during SP6. I'm loving this.

My Sunday plans including casting on for some Jaywalkers using this Kool-Aid dyed yarn. (I bought my size 1 dpns 2 days ago, thus crossing off another goal from my list.) I love how the Kool-Aid was not drunk uniformly by the yarn, making a pretty variegated pink. Maybe some of the fibers were scared of the Kool-Aid beacause they had heard of James Jones.

Can't go without having one sweater waiting in the wings. These balls of Nature Spun Worsted will become a Fair Isle cardigan for me (which I will be doing in the round and steeking - even though I've never steeked, I'm not afraid of it, thanks to Eunny's great tutorial - check it out!). The grey is the main color. And trust me, the colors go together better in real life than they do in this picture. Sometimes I think my camera wants to portray me as being colorblind. I intend on starting this on the way to Perfect North next weekend, where my husband will be skiing and I will be tubing and knitting. (I am not skiing because a) I suck at it, just like I suck at rock climbing, and b) I don't want to risk hurting myself right before triathlon season starts. By not skiing, though, I'm going to have some great knitting time, so I'm totally not complaining.) Hopefully the rest of the grey will get to me by then. I had a bitch of a time finding some. I ordered only one skein from Patternworks before Christmas because I wanted to make sure I liked the combination of everything. A couple of days ago, I tried to order more of it from Patternworks, but it's out of stock and isn't expected until the first week of February. Not good enough for me. A couple of other Internet stores were out of it as well, but I found it at Woodland Woolworks. They're shipping it out tomorrow. Yay for Priority Mail! And yay for meeting yet another goal for the week!


Jen said...

I don't think the color combination looks like you're colorbling. At least not on my screen. It's definitely feminine, I'll give you that. What pattern are you going to use for the fair isle sweater?

skiing close to TN? I didn't realize there was much skiing so far south! I guess there are mountains through the area, so I'm just being an idiot...

spaazlicious said...

Woodland Woolworks rocks! I am diggin' the way your silk lace looks, it's almost exactly what I had in mind!

spaazlicious said...

Wait, that sounded weird. I'm just celebratin' the conjunction of vision, and the fact that it't turning out well and you like it. That sounds weird but I'll have to leave it there. The HP scarf is going to be wicked cool.