Sunday, January 29, 2006

The men in my life are making me crazy!!!

Actually, my husband and Hayden are just fine; it's my male coaches, both in person and on my Spinervals DVD, that are doing the trick. My swimming coach is a young stud named Jason. Last Wednesday he gave us a workout from hell with times that I was supposed to be able to hold but was so far off of them it was silly. I came home and wanted to knit a little, just to do something that would make me feel good, but I was so tired that I couldn't. And he just stands on deck and laughs. Mean little boy. Then there's Coach Troy, the guy on my Spinervals DVD. Spinervals are indoor bike workouts, and they kick ass. My husband got me one for Christmas, and it's one of the harder ones they have. I did it Thursday night and was cussing Coach Troy an hour into it. Then there's my coach/trainer that puts together my workouts for the week. He does in on an online program so that I can go in, get my workout, and log it afterwards. Two weeks ago my schedule had 12 hours and 15 minutes' worth of workouts on it - I did just fine. This past week my schedule had 13 hours and 45 minutes' worth of workouts on it - I almost met it (I did 13:06 and have very good reasons why I didn't do the remaining 39 minutes) and I was fine, but wondering why I'm doing so much when it's still the off-season. I emailed him and voiced my concerns about whether or not I'm doing too much too soon and told him I wanted to talk to him about it, but he hasn't called or emailed me back yet. However, he put this week's schedule out for me to look at: 15 hours and 15 minutes!!! WTF??????? I was training 15-17 hours last June, July and August - it's not even February yet!! And this year's Ironman is 2 months later than last year's Ironman was, so I have to hold my focus for even longer! I know he knows what he's doing and I know he can explain it to me, which is what I really want him to do. I will try to meet my schedule for the week, but this time I'm not really sure I can. That's a hell of a lot.

Anyway, onto my goals from last week and goals for this week. I posted earlier this week with a picture of my finished Feather & Fan scarf, so that goal was met. I finished my Gryffindor scarf this afternoon (FINALLY!!!), so that goal was met. (I technically cut it short, though. The pattern said I needed 14 repeats, but I only did 12. There was no way I would've been able to do 14 with the yarn I had, even though I ordered the amount the pattern designer said to order, then when I got finished with 12, I said, "What's the difference between 12 and 13? I really want to be done with this already," and bound off. It's still plenty long. I will post a picture later this week when I'm presentable. No shower today.) I've already talked about my exercise goal, which leaves the Jaywalker goal. That got nowhere near being met. I did work on it a little, but not nearly as much as I should've. I do have a good reason for that, though, but it's one I can't talk about right now. I will later.

Goals for this week:

1. Get to the heel of my damn Jaywalker already!!!
2. Buy Eunny's argyle vest pattern (the minute she makes it available) and get my yarn for it.
3. Complete at least 14 hours of my training schedule.
4. Decide what should be my Knitting Olympics event - the Fair Isle cardigan or the argyle vest - and start on whatever didn't get chosen. I keep going back and forth on which one I should choose. Both involve color work, which I don't have a lot of experience with. The vest will be more challenging (I think) with respect to the color work, but the cardigan will be more work in general because it's a cardigan. What do you think?


spaazlicious said...

yikes, I got all sweaty just readin' that. ;)

eunny said...

I have to say, I have so much respect for you for being so dedicated to this "just" a hobby for you? You're amazing.

Christina said...

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know there is another Honeycutt (Okay, my moniker is spelt Hunnicutt) in the knitting world!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie, I just read your comment (knotinmythread), and yes I'm doing the vest--I'm glad someone else is also! I don't have any colour work experience so it should be interesting. Did you decide on yarn yet?

I can't believe how much you train, that's incredible!