Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday goal setting

It has rained all day here and I watched "Million Dollar Baby" this afternoon, so I'm in a terrible funk. I must stop watching sad movies! When I watched "The House of Sand and Fog" I cried so hard I could hardly breathe. Maybe a bit of blogging will cheer me up...

I met all my goals for the week. I finished 10 repeats total of my Gryffindor scarf; I started and have 40 inches done of a Feather & Fan scarf using my purple silk; I bought my size 1 dpns so I could cast on for the Jaywalkers (which I have done this afternoon - I'm only 3/4" into the ribbing, which is not exciting, so that's why there's no pic); I ordered the rest of the Nature Spun Worsted for my Fair Isle; and I completed all of my training hours for the week. I actually would've gone over my training hours if it hadn't started to rain halfway through my run this morning. Running in the rain is one thing; running in 40 degree weather when it's raining and thundering and lightning is another. Damn that Weather Channel - they said it wasn't going to start raining until after 10am, and it started before 8:30. I felt great throughout all 12 hours and 20 minutes worth of training I've done this week, which was terrific. Ever since my Ironman back in September, I've had weird little injuries that don't ever happen to me, so it was nice to not be injured for the second week in a row and to feel like I'm finally back to normal.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Finish both the Gryffindor scarf and the Feather & Fan scarf.
2. Get to the heel of one Jaywalker.
3. Complete all my training hours for the week. (I have no idea what those are, though, because my trainer hasn't posted this week's schedule online yet. Usually that's done by 5pm, so I don't know what's up.)

It may be a little tough to get all my training in this week because I'm going to my triathlon club meeting on Tuesday evening and Mike and I are going skiing this weekend, but I'm really going to try. My anal and obssessive side hates it when I can't complete all the training I'm supposed to.

Some good news I didn't share last week: I got another job and gave my 2 weeks' notice at the law firm last Thursday! Yippee! I'm so relieved - it's going to be so nice to work somewhere where I feel like I fit in and I don't have to make up for everyone else's lack of personality. Remember John Lithgow's character in "Footloose"? (It's fresh in my mind because it was HBO Friday night.) The managing partner of the law firm I currently work for is him to a tee. During a will signing I was witness to the other day, he made a comment about how his daughters probably would already be married if he had let them date before they turned 21. Poor girls. Either they're horribly repressed (like their dad) or they're total hellions. Anyway, the place I'm going to is an investment company, and I'm going to be the assistant to the controller. I'm still going to be overqualified (I have my undergraduate degree in Accounting and my MBA in Finance), but it'll definitely be more interesting than answering telephones and sorting mail. And I'm going to be within walking distance of my favorite LYS, so that's another plus!

Off to do some Jaywalking!


mo said...

That blows my mind- about the not dating until they are 21. Congratulations on your new job! Thats got to feel good.

spaazlicious said...

Not dating, but who knows about "datin'" wink-wink-nudge-nudge. Good news about the jobs and goals! I've been driving around with Million Dollar Baby in the side pocket of my car for almost a month; I just haven't felt like getting that depressed (I haven't seen it before but I listened to a thing about on NPR and when they told people who hadn't seen it that there were going to be spoilers and to turn off the radio for a few minutes, I didn't. ) so I should really just send it back to Netflix.

morgan said...

Hey you, I didn't know that you had a blog until I was over at Euny's. Congrats on the new job and look at all the knitting!

I hope to be coming back to Nashville this spring/summer if I can swing it!