Friday, January 13, 2006

Malabrigo is the comfort food of yarn.

Today was definitely Friday the 13th for me. I had planned on getting up and running before work, but 30 minutes before my alarm was to go off, it started thunderstorming. Then, when I got to work, I had a shitty day. Every was so rosy when I was hired almost 3 years ago; it's a different story now. I think our managing partner is still angry at me for making the mistake I made before the end of the year (partly my fault, but partly their fault for rushing the work I was doing), and he's angry because I took a vacation, and now he's even angrier because I let him know that I have to come into work late next Friday because Hayden has a 9am dentist appointment, then the following Wednesday I have to leave early because there's a meeting scheduled at school to determine what kind of therapy and assistance Hayden will need for next school year. I let him know that Mike usually takes Hayden to his annual checkup at the dentist but I'm taking him this time and Mike will stay home with him this Monday when school is closed for MLK Day. I figured that it'd be better for me to come into work late one day rather than miss an entire day. I also let him know that the school meeting couldn't be scheduled for after school because there are a lot of people that need to attend it and during school hours is the best time to get everyone together. The rest of the day he did not talk to me, which has been par for the course lately. Boy, what a fun environment. Sorry that I a)have a child and b)like to do things outside of work like take my family on a vacation for a couple of days (not even a full week). I guess they think that because I work part-time, I don't need vacations. Oh, and c)I have a personality (something that nobody else in the office has).

Anyway, after spending 5 hours in The Office of No Fun, I came home, ran for an hour in the wind and spitting rain, then curled up with Malabrigo. Mmmm, Malabrigo. Malabrigo is like macaroni and cheese - so comforting and warm. Except that if I spent as much time with macaroni and cheese as I have with Malabrigo lately, I'd be fat. This is what I accomplished:

Pretty cool, huh?

Well....almost done.


spaazlicious said...

I have worked p/t jobs that became emotional suckers can wait it out, but sometimes it never goes away and/or it just ain't worth it. My friend Nancy of Bird's Nest Knits wants us all to do the half marathon at Disneyland in September, are you game? It'd be easy for you, you can bring your knitting and run circles around us ass-draggers. ;)

And Hayden can score some more Jasmine-action.

michelleknits said...

Sorry about work. It's nice to know that yarn is always a comfort. Oh, and those princess and Hayden pictures are too adorable.

FaeryCrafty said...

Very pretty :)Love the colors. I hope everything goes better soon. I'm glad you had a good time in Disney. Too bad we couldn't get together.