Thursday, November 10, 2005

Being a mom is hard sometimes.

Why do nurses make you feel like a total idiot when you're concerned about something? Just because the thing you're concerned about is no big deal to them, that doesn't mean it's not a big deal to you. Two nights ago my husband was brushing Hayden's teeth (he somewhat does it by himself, but to ensure a good cleaning, we have to help him out), and he called me into the bathroom. There, right behind his two front bottom teeth, are some more teeth coming in. They look like they're forming a second row of teeth. His baby teeth aren't the least bit loose right now, so we got a little concerned. Hey, we're first-time parents, we don't know anything. And to us, when you get your permanent teeth, your baby teeth fall out first, not the other way around. I called the dentist yesterday morning but had to leave a message with the answering service because they're closed on Wednesdays. (Oh, to be a dentist and have a day off in the middle of the week!) A nurse actually called me back yesterday during the 5 minutes that I was away from my cellphone and left me a message to just wiggle the baby teeth out so the permanent teeth can take their place. That response wasn't good enough for me because his baby teeth aren't the least bit loose, just like I said before. So I called again this morning and spoke to another nurse. She took this snotty attitude with me, like "You dumb lady, this is so totally normal," and told me that I could bring him in for Dr. Adams to look at, but that I just need to feed Hayden apples and corn and wiggle his teeth until they fall out. The only thing I need to be concerned about is if they come all the way in (and she enunciated "all the way in" about 5 times, just to make sure I understood - I gotcha the first time, b*tch) and his baby teeth are still there. Sorry if I was a concerned mom. Sorry that I made you talk to me on the phone for 2 minutes. Sorry if this seems backwards to me. Grrr.

Onto more pleasant things: I think I've discovered The Perfect Project for This Beautiful Mohair: the cowl that goes with the Fluffly (that's not a typo on my part; that's how it's spelled in the book) Lace Camisole with Pull-Off Cowl in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. (Her last name always makes me laugh!) If you have the book, go take a look at the picture. If you don't have the book, make a trip to your LYS and take a look at the picture. The pattern calls for Kidsilk Haze, which I think is the same weight as the mohair I have. They don't say how much is needed for the cowl, but the entire pattern calls for 2 balls, so I think I'm safe. Plus, it's a cowl, much like a scarf - if I seem to be running out of yarn, I'll just stop. I got so excited about this last night that I wanted to not work on the Harry Potter sweater sleeve and roll my yarn so I could start it. But I withstood the temptation, just like a good knitter who is up against self-imposed crazy deadlines. This morning the mohair beckoned to me again and I almost wound it before leaving for work so I could start it this morning, but again, I didn't give in. Wow - what willpower! If only I could exhibit the same willpower when those little snack-size Butterfingers in Hayden's Halloween candy call my name!


Compa Secreta said...

Oh, geez. Lots of apples and corn? That's the nurse's solution? That'll be fun for Hayden...and everyone else in the room...pew!

I hate it when you call someone who's job it is to help and they just don't listen. I'd schedule an appt with the dentist anyway, let the expert decide, since it does sound odd that the permanent teeth are coming in but the babies aren't even loose at all.

I really hope you like the mohair, I'll have to check out WK.

Nyxxie said...

I have always loved that crowl. Cannot wait to see the one that you make!

michelleknits said...

A cowl sounds like a good idea. Sorry about the dentist's office, though I'm not surprised. People are like that, but of course you were right to worry cause it shows you're a concerned parent. Even though I'm sure things will be fine, it's smart to check.