Thursday, November 17, 2005

Trying to fit a size 16 butt into size 10 jeans

We've all done it - laid down across the bed, sucked it in, and yanked on the zipper with all our might. Then we stand up (if we're able to), look at ourselves in the mirror, and think, "Do these look too tight?" I was getting that feeling when I had to switch to size 8 needles on my husband's sweater. The only 8s laying around were 16" circulars, so the poor 23" back of the sweater was scrunched:

I do own longer 8s, but they're in use on my Greek Pullover:

I'm tired of this problem. So what did I do? (You all know the answer to this quesiton, I'm sure!) I sent my husband to my LYS to pick up a set of interchangeable Denise needles! (I called ahead and had them reserve some for him because although he tries to act interested in my knitting, he wouldn't have had any clue what he was looking for.) My mother was going to buy a set for me for Christmas, but she said I could go ahead and buy them early and she'll pay me for them. Plus, I'd rather buy them because my LYS would be getting the money, not her LYS, and I love my LYS dearly. Everyone I know who has Denise needles swears by them, so I'm anxious to get this poor scrunched sweater on them to see if they live up to their reputation. I'll also be using the size 10s on this:

Lace knitting in fluffy mohair is tough to do when you have blunt-tip bamboos. Blunts are good if you're a smoker, I guess, but not when you're a knitter working on lace mohair.


Jen said...

I love my Denise's exactly for this reason. I tend not to like them so much on the smaller sizes since the cable is about the same thickness as the smallest needle and the cable can be a bit grippy at times. If you knit pretty loosely this isn't a problem. Anyway, nice to get your christmas gifts ahead of time to help you knit up some of those christmas gifts, eh?

Christine said...

I love my Denise for some things - the pointy tips and mohair are one of those reasons - but other times I am all about the Addis. I think it has more to do with my wrist & thumb issues then anything else though - the Addis just feel smoooooooth to me when it hurts.

Nice to get the Denise for Christmas - and money to your LYS - that rocks!