Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Big honkin' post!

Okay, lots of things to show and tell:

1. It's still sinking in that I won the You Knit What?? Halloween contest. I was 150% sure that I'd win, but when I saw myself in that silly dance pose on their blog, it was a shocker. How fun is that? And everyone leaving comments on that post have been very supportive and congratulatory, which I really appreciate. I had a moment of panic last night that I was going to get blasted by knitbloggers all over the country, but I'm glad that I was wrong. I haven't told the recipient of the top about all of this, nor do I intend to. It might really hurt her feelings. I of course don't want that to happen, so I probably shouldn't have entered it, but I couldn't help it. It's dog-butt-fugly.

2. I finally finished my Union Square Market Pullover and have the pictures to prove it:

This is my Eunny pose. I don't look as endowed as she does, though - probably because I'm not.

This is my rendition of the cover of Interweave Knits. Holding your hands in that position while maintaining a pretentious smirk on your face is not the easiest thing in the world to do!

Here's a closeup of the shoulder buttons (along with a smidge of purple bra and a smattering of neck freckles). Pretty, huh? Wow - I guess I never realized how freckly I am! I mean, I know I have freckles, but to see them up close sheds a different light on their multitude!

I love the sweater and am anxiously waiting for it to get cold (and stay cold) enough to wear it. It was cold enough all last week, but I didn't have it finished then. Now it's back up to 70 degrees this week - figures.

3. My Compa Secreta sent me a package yesterday - yippee! Here's a picture of the goodies inside the bag inside the bag inside the bag inside the bag inside the box that I found waiting on my doorstep when I got home (she had it packed very creatively because her post office ran out of the right sized box):

Skeins of purple yarn that I envision growing up to be some pretty springtime top; a skein of wonderfully yummy handpainted mohair (I think she did that herself - did you, Compa Secreta?); 2 Lucinda Williams CDs (we share a fondness for Dwight Yoakam, and she says Lucinda is the female version of Dwight); a James Dean postcard; and 3 yummy bars of dark chocolate. Husband and I broke into the one with the raisins and pecans last night - delish!

She also included prezzies for Hayden - a Snow White keychain/candy thing and a Cinderella toothbrush that came with toothpaste and a mini-CD. (Pardon the glare on the CD. The plastic covering's not off yet.) As soon as we opened them last night, he wouldn't let them go. She's a very thoughtful Compa Secreta. Yes, I do realize the I have a son and not a daughter, but he is REALLY into Disney princesses. He's either already realized how hot princesses with rockin' bodies are, or he's in touch with his feminine side.

4. We made trick-or-treating a family affair last night: I was Snow White, Hayden was Dopey, and, much to my surprise, Husband was the Evil Queen. He had borrowed a costume from a coworker and kept it a secret until he came out of the bathroom with it on! It was quite a hoot. Bet you didn't know that the Evil Queen had a soul patch on her chin!

Snow White (with some scary hair) and an extremely cute Dopey getting ready to pilfer candy from unsuspecting neighbors (just kidding - we asked for it first).

Snow White, Dopey, and the Evil (Drag) Queen. Happy Halloween, y'all!


Laura said...

Oh much better than your contest winner! I love the colors you chose, it's quite lovely!

FaeryCrafty said...

Your sweater and costumes are great :) Congrats on the win. You knew you would!

Compa Secreta said...

Ha! It wasn't until I got up to the counter and that the cranky postal dude gave me a box...I just wanted to make sure it all got there safe and sound. ;)

I'm glad you guys liked the presents--your husband looks great as the Evil Queen, scary tall.

I did handpaint the mohair, I hope you like the way it knits up as it didn't turn out as dramatic as I'd hoped.

Your union square pullover looks very nice, I haven't really "got" the appeal of it 'til now.

And your smile is still too friendly, too infectious...I guess being smug is hard (that model always has the same expression on her face, have ya noticed?).

See you around the web!

michelleknits said...

oh fun

spirals said...

i love that sweater. i think i definately want to knit one, someday.. and your halloween costumes RULE. your hubby looks great as an evil scary witch!

Jen said...

Beautiful union square pullover and great H-ween costumes. Judging from the quality of your union square sweater, I'd say that even if it's a fug novelty item, at least it's a well crafted fug novelty item...

Kel said...

Woo! You won!! That is one FUGLY top! But your Union Square is GORGEOUS - I think I need one! How tall IS your husband?! ;)

theresa said...

I love your market pullover! The colors are perfect together. This is my first visit to your blog (linked from the blue blog) and I'll definitely be back.

Now, I'm dying to know how you did the adorable sweater and scarf in your in progress section. I've got just boring bars that fill in, and now I'm jealous of your nifty, fun graphics.

Niquie said...

Hidey! I popped over here from Kell's site. I really like your your pullover. I looked at it last night and I loved it so much, I finally went out and got that issue of interweave... plus I really wanted to make the pullover vest that was in it. I'm from Nashville too btw. Its been so neat to meet so many Nashvillians who are so talented with a set of needles.

Niquie said...

Just writing back. I've been to all the yarn stores in Nashville and frequent Threaded Bliss the most as its the easiest for me to get to and it wasn't overwhelming the first time I went in there like Angel Hair was for me. It was a great store and if I was in Nashville more through the week, i would make more time to head there. Thanks for the offer for the help on the pullover. I might get to it before the end of next year ;)