Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Sunday tradition

Tradition is not really the word I want to use, but it's Sunday so therefore my brain isn't working that well and tradition is all I could come up with. Anyway, what I've decided to do is list my goals for the week every Sunday evening on my blog so that I'll be held more accountable to them. I have a trainer that writes out a workout schedule for me every Sunday for the upcoming week, and I have yet to do everything that's been on the schedule. The first week I hurt my neck really badly and couldn't exercise much (figured out how to knit while laying flat on my back, though!). Other excuses have included: husband out of town for the weekend; tornado warnings keeping me at home; Thanksgiving and the travel that goes along with that (more on that later). My anal personality hates the fact that I'm not doing all the workouts on my schedule, even though those are all legitimate reasons to skip a workout. (Plus, I have to keep reminding myself that I am in the off-season and therefore it's not horrible if I don't go to the pool now and then.) And I don't want my trainer to think that I can't handle the load he's giving me. I can, but I've just not been able to this past month. So, without further ado, here are my goals for the upcoming week:

1. Do all workouts listed on my training schedule for the week.
2. Complete the Memphis 1/2 marathon in 2 hours or less. (My best time is 1:46:27, but I haven't been running fast lately, so I'll be happy with anything under 2:00.)
3. Finish my Fluffly Lace Cowl.
4. Get past the armholes on the back of Mike's sweater.
5. Start my niece's hat that's going to be part of her Christmas present.
6. Don't get angry at Hayden's teacher for being the silly person that she is.

I had to put that sixth goal on there because I got really annoyed at his teacher last Tuesday, and I just need to get over it b/c we're stuck with her the rest of the year, and the more annoyed I stay at her, the worse the rest of the year will be. She's just very abrasive with me, and she's a Close Talker (Seinfeld reference), and when an abrasive person is a Close Talker, it's super annoying.

Notice that there's not goal related to my Greek Pullover on the list? That's because she's done, minus the ruffles. I finished her this morning and she's lovely. I don't have a picture because today is a dreary Sunday, so I never got dressed for the day until I went to the gym to swim. I've had bedhead or goggle eyes all day, and neither of those make for a good sweater model. Plus, I guess since she's missing her ruffles, she's not completely done. Some of my knitting friends were recommending using this funky Habu yarn that our LYS sells rather than making chiffon ruffles, so I'm going to check it out tomorrow. It sounds cool, so hopefully it'll work. There's supposedly a grey color that they think will look good with the red of the Kid Classic. Red and grey will be a neat combination, I think.

We went to Memphis for Thanksgiving. My parents live right outside of Memphis, so we got to see all 3 of my sisters, my grandparents, one sister's boyfriend, another sister's husband and daughter, an aunt, her son (is that my cousin? they're blood-related to my stepdad, so I've never really figured out the relation totally), and my stepdad's cousin. It was nice to see everyone, but I always overeat at my parents' house. We have to have dessert after every meal - breakfast, dessert, lunch, dessert, snack, dinner, dessert, then dessert. It's crazy. Everyone except us left on Friday. Friday I spent shopping with my mother, and eating lunch at a sushi restaurant. (Shopping wore me out. WTF? I can do an Ironman triathlon, but I die after spending an afternoon at an antique mall.) I have yet to go to a traditional sushi restaurant in Memphis. The first time I ate sushi, we picked it up from a gas station. The second time, we had it at a Chinese restaurant that also serves french fries. This last time, we were at a Japanese restaurant, but the sushi chefs were Mexican. I don't get it. Nothing's wrong with any of those deviations from what you think of when you think of eating sushi (except maybe the gas station - yikes!), but it's just not the norm. My husband said, "It sounds to me like you're becoming a sushi snob, just like you're a yarn snob." Does Memphis have any Japanese restaurants that have Japanese sushi chefs? That'll be my mission the next time we go to Memphis: to find a Japanese sushi chef in Memphis. (Well, maybe not the next time we go. We're going back this coming Friday night to run the Memphis 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, then coming home that evening. No time for sushi.)


FaeryCrafty said...

Ugh I would lose it if I couldn't find good sushi! Can't wait to see your sweater all finished :)

compa secreta said...

Well, if you come into town for the San Diego rock 'n' roll marathon, we happen to have quite a few good sushi places...some of them even with actuall japanese sushi chefs.

I can understand the mall thing.
When you run, it's you in your head, outside in the fresh air, running, breathing, moving through people, seeing the scenery change.

Mall shopping is being compressed, moving slowly, overstimulated by artificial lighting, garish colors, recycled air, and the white noise of hundreds of other people and the visual white noise of the thousands of visual gimmicks shops employ to draw customers.

Ugh, it's exhausting just thinking about it.