Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

You can tell by the many princesses (and 2 Teletubbies, unfortunately) on the chair that he's not into Harry Potter, but I am!

"Mom, I'm trying to watch TV. If I smile nicely, will you stop taking pictures and get of my way? Thank you very much."

The H took longer to duplicate stitch on than I thought it would, and it doesn't look as good as I wanted it to (which is why the closest picture I'm taking of it is this):

I told my SP5 pal Kel that I now know how Neville Longbottom feels when he can't get his curses done as quickly or as accurately as his classmates. I started the H twice and thought about ripping it out and starting it a third time, but then I decided that no matter how many times I do it, it'll still look the same. Which is why I really need to learn intarsia. So many people know how to do it, so I should. I even took a class from Sasha Kagan, for pete's sake! Oh well. The sweater is still cute, especially when worn by The Cutest Boy on the Face of the Earth. I do realize that it's not as oversized as Ron's is, but Hayden is so tall and thin that oversized garments don't look that great on him. I'll just have to make him another one next year, I guess! I won't mind - I LOVE Alison's pattern. I did the body in the round, then picked up stitches for the sleeves and worked them down to the cuff in the round. This is a great, super-easy sweater pattern. You will definitely see this on Hayden in the future - different yarns maybe, stripes perhaps...the possibilities are endless!

And whatever happened to my craving for a Gryffindor scarf, you ask? I gave in. I had to. My LYS carries Encore, and they had the right colors, but I just couldn't do Encore - after doing that fugly top for my friend, I have turned into a complete and total yarn snob. No acrylic for me for a while, I tell you! It's like shying away from a certain food after you've puked from eating it. (Just like me and M&Ms when I became a lifetime Weight Watchers member!) I ordered some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted today from Patternworks. 100% wool and $6/ball. Allright!!!


MeBeth said...

I love the sweater - it is absolutely adorable!

Jen said...

Your son looks absolutely adorable in his new sweater. From this far away (thousands of miles) you can't even tell the H was duplicate stitched on. Seeing as Intarsia is a royal pain in the ass and the letter looks to be of a reasonable size, do you think you'd want to try stranding the letter Fair Isle style if you do another?

Kel said...

I think Haydn's sweater looks very cunning! I'd try doing it Fair Isle-y as well - intarsia is a big giant PITA and should not be undertaken by wholesome and right-minded individuals. Of course this is coming from a woman who just packed 9 skeins of yarn to go on a cruise ;)

alison said...

He looks so great in the sweater! Well done!