Monday, November 14, 2005

(Not so) Weasley weekend

Okay, I did end up going to sleep on Saturday, so I did not finish Hayden's sweater. He and I had a blast, though. First, we went on a hike:

That was my choice, so the next activity was his. He wanted to slide down the slide head first:

then put dirt on his face:

That night, I took him to see a local theatre company's production of "Beauty & the Beast." The minute Belle was on stage and they started singing, he was the happiest kid in the world. After the play was over, the cast lined up outside the door so you could meet them on your way out. Hayden got to meet Gaston and the prince, and he got to hug Belle. I had my camera with me, but stupidly didn't think about taking a picture until we got to the car. Oh well. We're going to Disneyworld in January, so there will be lots of opportunities to take pictures of Hayden with Belle and Jasmine and Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Ariel and...

I did get to work on the sweater a lot on Sunday, but I didn't quite get it done. It'll be done tonight, though, so pictures will be coming soon. I'm really getting the itch to do a Gryffindor scarf for myself, but I just don't know if I can add one more project to my ever-growing list. It's a stockinette stitch tube that's sewn together at each end, so it's be a perfect mindless, "I've got 30 seconds at this stoplight so let me knit a couple of stitches" project. However, before Christmas, I have to:

1. Knit my husband's sweater. It's a Rebecca pattern and it's got cables, so you know it won't come without its own set of heartaches.

2. Finish my Greek Pullover. It's actually not a requirement that I finish it before Christmas, but I've already started it and it's red, so I really feel like I should.

3. Knit a hat for my 2-year old niece. She's 2, though, so that won't take long.

4. Knit the Fluffly Lace Cowl from Weekend Knitting out of my Compa Secreta mohair. Again, this isn't a must-do before December 25th, but I've already given into temptation and cast on for it. Bad deadline-oriented knitter, bad!!!

I want to add a fifth item to my list, but the sane part of my brain tells me not to. Every year I knit a new sweater for Hayden. It's not a Christmas present; it's just a cute sweater to wear on Christmas that nobody ever compliments me on because they're too busy opening up their gifts to notice. I have a pattern and some yarn already, but if I can convince myself that if I don't have this done by Christmas the world won't fall apart around me, things will be so much better and less stressful in our household. ("I can't go to sleep tonight! I have to get this sleeve done!!!") But the over-achieving, have-to-make-my-son-the-best-dressed-in-the-room side of me really wants to do it. Ah, the dilemma of too many things to knit and not enough time to knit them in lives on. Will the madness ever stop???


Compa Secreta said...

Have you seen this?

It's fast, it's simple, in chunky-ish yarns it really flies...Hayden could have a new sweater in no time.

I love not having to seam.

You knit much faster than I do; I have complete faith you'll have that list whipped before Christmas.

MeBeth said...

You have a lot of great stuff on this list - I cant wait to see it all in progress. I hope your husband had a good marathon!!