Friday, November 18, 2005

Wha' happened?

As today is the opening day of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hayden went to school looking like this:

(Actually, he had a coat on as well because it was something like 20 degrees at 7am. Crazy, especially since it was in the 60s at 7am 3 days ago.)

When I picked him up from school, he looked like this:

WHAT?!? I did NOT knit that sweater and cuss under my breath while duplicate stitching to have it be something he carries around like a blankie! His teacher (whom I'm not very fond of) had brought him out since his assistant had taken the day off, and when I asked him why he wasn't wearing his sweater, she hesitantly said, "Well, we were in the very warm Nashville Children's Theatre." (They saw "Seussical" today. Unfortunately, they didn't need any chaperones to accompany them. Dammit. And she had to answer for him because the only words out of his mouth when leaving school for the day are the words to the "Hi Ho" song from Snow White.) Well, then, take the down jacket off and keep him in the obviously handmade sweater! Part of me thinks that she's against Harry Potter and therefore did not want him wearing the sweater. Husband thinks I'm nuts, but I could be right. There are some very religious people out there who think HP is bad, and she is a very religious person. (How do I know that? Because she's constantly wearing t-shirts to school that advertize her church.) But maybe Husband was right. Or maybe they were doing art activities and she didn't want it to get messed up. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm having those anti-HP thoughts just because I don't like her. But still, I wanted him to be wearing the sweater. As soon as she walked back into the building, I took his jacket off and put the sweater back on, and we skipped all the way home, singing "Hi Ho."

I'm off to a knitting retreat this weekend - yippee! Some of my friends and I thought it'd be fun to stay in a hotel here in town just to get away from the fam and have some guilt-free knitting time. Last time I went on a knitting retreat, I knitted for 15 hours straight. Let's see how long I can go this time!


Jen said...

I love that you and H skipped home singing Hi Ho. I don't know about the teacher... it could be as innocent as it being too hot in the classroom and he stripped down to just the t-shirt and the teacher put just his jacket on him quickly to meet you. Hard to tell. I'm sure your son loves his sweater, and that's what's most important.

So are you seeing the movie tonight? I SOOO want to, but DF wants to avoid the opening night rush. I'll have to live vicariously, I s'pose.

As for your question, I didn't manage to escape completely sleeve free. The recipient of Petrol doesn't know I'm making it for him, so it was completely up to me whether to add sleeves or not. I opted out because of Christmas deadline and needing to make 3 adult sized garments by then. I'm still panicking. But DF's birthday present is a full on long sleeved sweater. I'll be cursing the sleeves I'm sure.

Atouria said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. I can see where it may be innocent, but from your observations of the teacher it's a good chance that it isn't. I'd send him to school in it as often as you can to test it, but I'm that way. :) If it really is a problem for her, she may say something eventually if he wears it enough.

I'm suprised the school lets her wear church shirts to teach in. That would bother me tremendously.

Atouria said...

All that being said... I love the sweater! I think it turned out perfect. :)

Donna said...

I don't think your crazy about the teacher. That kind of thinking is more prevalent than most realize. When my DD was in kindergarten, I spent a month knitting her a beautiful Aran sweater. She loved & proudly wore it to school. When she came home, it had rubber cement on the sleeve. They weren't even supposed to have rubber cement but the boy who sat next to her (one of those very rowdy boys) hadn't brought paste so the teacher let him use her rubber cement for art class. And, of course, being a rowdy boy, he couldn't help but get it on my DD's sleeve. I don't know which of us felt worse. There is nothing that will get rubber cement out of yarn (it was acrylic & I was afraid that anything that would dissolve the rubber cement would also dissolve the yarn). At least it was on the underside of the elbow so it was not too noticeable & she loved it so much that she continued to wear it.

Ann said...

I can easily believe the teacher could be against it! I'm in Alamance County, North Carolina(Burlington, Graham, Elon), and there are MANY people around here that are against the books. I would be ticked. And I would, as atouria suggested, continue to send him to school in it. I'd probably try to find more items to send with him just to tick her off. Maybe you could have a witch & wizard themed birthday treat for his birthday at school if it hasn't already passed!

The sweater looks great! Super job! And Hayden looks cute as can be in it!