Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's missing?

Yeah, you got it - an H. This is Hayden's Weasley sweater, on which I was going to do an H in intarsia (in the round, no less). I went to my LYS and got some help, and I understand the concept behind intarsia in the round (lots of slipped stitches is all I have to say!), but that doesn't help the fact that my intarsia, in the round or not, sucks. It doesn't just suck a little, it sucks a lot. So, almost halfway up the H, I decided that the suckiness just wasn't going to block out and Hayden would be wearing a sweater that looked like crap if I didn't rip it out. I'm taking the wimpy way out and doing the H with duplicate stitch. Oh well. I guess I should perfect my intarsia technique before deciding to do it on a sweater. The sweater still looks adorable (even though Hayden is being silly - he was watching something on TV and I couldn't get him to smile for camera to save my life), and will be even cuter when the sleeves are done and the H is on. (This pattern is great, by the way - you should check it out on Alison's blog.)

And gracias, Compa Secreta, for the subscription to Bark! Rudy is excited to take a look at it and see if he can find any cute female Jack Russells. (Pardon Rudy's glowing eyes. If I didn't take the picture quickly, he wouldn't have been sitting there.) Gracie's excited about it too, but since she's a 1-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, she won't sit still for ANYTHING, so I can't take her picture.


Nyxxie said...

Hey there your son's sweater looks great. I cannot do intarsa at all so you are a step above me on that one! I usually go to ThreadedBliss or Haus of Yarn but now I will be going to The Knaughty Knitter that is opening in M'boro. I am from M'boro and live down here. What part of town are you in? The Nashville Stitch n Bitch group. I have been to it before. A good friend of mine started having that group meet every week. I haven't been in a while that is a long way from M'boro. You can e-mail me at secretsofdeception@gmail.com if you would like!

alison said...

The sweater looks teriffic so far! Glad that the pattern is working for you. And I love the pic of the dog with the Bark mag. Too funny!