Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Soon there will be new addition

No, I'm not pregnant. (Thank God!) I meant a new addition to my sidebar. Remember how I said that I wasn't going to knit Christmas presents this year? Well, I've been making exceptions to that rule, and now the list has grown big enough to make my joining the Holiday Gift KAL inevitable. Here's my list:

1. Mike's sweater
2. A hat for my niece Dorothy
3. & 4. 2 scarves for Hayden's autism therapists (I figured that Hayden and I can dye some yarn with Kool-Aid together, then I can whip out -- hee hee, I said "whip out" -- some garter stitch scarves on big needles. That way they'll be things we made together. Awwww. How cute.)
5. Secret Present for Secret Person

That's not too bad, huh? The only thing that's time consuming is the sweater, and it's fun (so far), so I don't mind.

On the Greek Pullover front, I took it to my LYS yesterday and checked out the ruffle ribbon Habu yarn that people had suggested I use for the ruffle (instead of the chiffon the pattern calls for). It looked cool, and it'd alleviate potential headache-inducing steps needed to make a chiffon ruffle, so I got some. It's a pewter grey color. I'm going to sew it on the sweater this weekend, so I should have some pictures to show off Sunday night or Monday.

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