Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's 82 degrees outside, so I think I'll knit a scarf.

This is My So-Called Scarf, done in some Outback Wool that I got at a sale a couple of years ago. My hairdresser is organizing some fundraiser this weekend and asked me to donate something for the silent auction, so I whipped this up. Actually, I shouldn't say "whipped up" because that stitch is not the quickest thing in the world. It's cool looking, but it eats yarn like I ate food while I was Ironman training over the summer, and it takes a while to do. It also creates a somewhat stiff piece of fabric. I went up 3 needle sizes from what the yarn gauge called for, and I still had to concentrate on knitting loosely. Because of all of that, this is not my favorite thing I've knit. But it's not for me, and it's not for anyone I know (well, I guess someone I know could bid on it), so I'm okay with that.

Here's a closeup shot so you can see the detail of the stitch. I like the look of the stitch. I think I read somewhere it's like a sideways herringbone stitch.

On the Harry Potter front, the sleeve in progress is now in progress on double pointed needles - yuck. I just have to keep reminding myself that I won't have any seams to sew, and I'm almost to the end. One more sleeve and an orange H, and I'm done!

And here's a question: what should I do with 300 yards of handpainted mohair? My Compa Secreta sent some lovely purple-y/blue-y mohair to me that she handpainted herself, and it's beautiful, and I'm trying to come up with The Perfect Project for This Beautiful Mohair. I feel like it needs to be by itself, as opposed to being held with something else, so that the colors don't get "lost." I feel like it should be something lacy, like a scarf or wrap, and not something simple like garter stitch on big needles. I haven't knit with it yet, so I don't know the gauge, but it looks like it'll be close to Kidsilk Haze. (Compa Secreta, am I right?) Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I love mohair and I love the colors she chose for me, so it deserves to be something scrumptious.


michelleknits said...

hmm, 300 yards might not be enough for a wrap (though to be honest I'm not sure), but other than that, I think I'm with you all the way -- lacy, scarf type, on its own. Um, I wonder how much yarn the lacy scarf from last minute knitted gifts uses? (I don't have it nearby). Or if you have a stitch library (you know how I'm into those lately), you could pick out one that appeals to you and seems to "fit" the yarn and colors and create a design around it? Let us know what you decide! Oh, and thanks for your comments re: my legwarmers --- goooooo calmer!

michelleknits said...

oh, i forgot to say how i really like the stitch of the "my so called scarf" you made. sorry it's so stiff, though it looks like it makes a realy nice, sturdy fabric if that makes you feel any better about it.

MeBeth said...

I really like the pattern in your so called scarf. As far as the mohair from your secret pal - I'm working on the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls and it has a beautiful lacy pattern that could be adapted into a scarf. It is sort of similar to Knitty's Branching Out.

And thank you so much for helping me celebrate the marathon - I feel like a superstar! I bet you and your husband would have a great time running NY together, it is such a fun marathon!