Thursday, December 01, 2005

I slept with my cable needle last night!

As I was making the bed this morning, I discovered the cable needle I've been using on DH's Christmas sweater laying so innocently between the sheets! Ha ha! I do LOVE doing cables, but I didn't realize I wanted to sleep with them! The sweater is coming along quite nicely. I'll post pictures once I stop knitting for a moment long enough to take a picture of my progress.

I also need to post a picture of the finished Fluffly Lace Cowl done out of the mohair my Compa Secreta sent me. It's really pretty. Very fluffly, very lacy, very purple-y. I worked on it a lot last weekend at my parents' house, which is where we're going (again - egads!) tomorrow night, so I'll have to be sure to take it with me.

Finally, I stopped by my LYS (something which I wasn't planning on having time to do yesterday, but because DH changed my plans around - much to my displeasure, by the way - I had over an hour to kill there) yesterday and bought some white Galway. (I also made another purchase, but it's for A Project That Must Not Be Named right now.) Hayden and I are going to Kool-Aid dye it so I can make scarves for 2 of his autism therapists. Hopefully we'll have time to do that either tonight or Sunday afternoon. I'm supposed to ride my bike for 2 hours on Sunday, but there's a 70% chance of rain and a predicted high temperature of 50 degrees, so I have a feeling a bike ride is not going to be happening (also much to my displeasure, like DH's change of my plans for yesterday). I should look on the bright side, though - more time to dye yarn and to knit the cables I'm so dearly in love with!


Compa Secreta said...

I think the scarves for his a.t.s are a great idea.

Cables rock!

MeBeth said...

Whew - that is cable-needle-love! And you are a fast woman. Running a 1/2 in almost 1:45 - WOW!