Saturday, December 17, 2005

7 Great Things About Being a Triathlete in December

1. You can go out for a bike ride and have fun with people who, in 5 months, will kick your ass.

2. Bike rides are about having fun, not about speed. They're about seeing who can coast the furthest down a hill.

3. 40 miles is long. (Come May and June, it almost won't be worth me getting on my bike to ride only 40 miles. And that's not meant to scare off anyone who's thinking of taking up triathlons. That's because I will be Ironman training. Yes, I am crazy.)

4. You get in the shower after a riding your bike in 43 degree weather and laugh because one of your toenails is blue. Geez, I must've been colder than I thought I was!

5. You don't have to go fast in the pool or during a run. In fact, you WANT to go slow. This time of year is all about perfecting your technique and building a great aerobic base.

6. You can eat a lot at all your holiday parties and not feel guilty about it because you, being the obsessive training junkie, are going for a 12-mile run in the morning then for a 45-minute spin on the indoor bike later that day.

7. You laugh when meeting up with your friends for a bike ride in the 43 degree weather because you don't recognize anyone. Sure, you spent countless hours with these people every weekend this past summer, but that's when you basically didn't have clothes on.

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