Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday goal setting

Well, I met my goals from last week: I finished the back of Mike's sweater on Friday night, and I did all of my swim and strength training workouts that I was supposed to do. I actually did all of the workouts my trainer gave me, so I was pretty happy. I got quite a bit done on the front of Mike's sweater yesterday, but today hasn't been as productive. I ran this morning, took Hayden to "The Nutcracker" this afternoon, then we went Christmas tree shopping followed by dinner at my fave sushi restaurant (where the chef is Japanese!), so not much knitting has been done. That's okay, though - Hayden and I had fun together, and that's more important.

This week's goals are as follows:

1. Finish the front of Mike's sweater by Saturday.
2. Finish therapist scarf #2 by Tuesday so I can give it to Michelle.
3. Dye the last batch of scarf yarn.
4. Complete at least 10 hours of the scheduled 11 1/2 hours of training.
5. Don't drink too much at the Christmas party I'm going to Saturday night that I won't have the energy to do anything on Sunday.

Those are some lofty goals, so I better put my knitting clothes (I wear a 10 year old sweatshirt, a pair of teal colored sweatpants that are even older, and some blue and white handknit socks that used to be my aunt's when I knit at night - my husband can hardly keep his hands off me) and attack that sweater!

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