Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aack! It's growing!

I f*cked up tonight. Hayden and I went to his speech therapist's house today for our regular session, and I took with me one of his autism therapist's scarves to work on during the session. (I usually sit right at the table while they're working so I can observe and carry over the things that she does at home.) Michelle, the therapist, saw it and commented on what a pretty color she thinks it is. (It's one of the Kool-Aid dyed scarves. I'll post pictures maybe tomorrow, if you're lucky.) Our conversation went like this:

Michelle: How pretty! I love that color!
Me: Thanks. Hayden and I dyed this yarn using Kool-Aid, and I'm going to make Marcy and Laura scarves for Christmas.
Michelle: Wow, that is so cool!
Me: Thanks. It was really easy. I'm not making one for his teacher, though, because I don't really like her.

Okay, so what does this mean? This means that I now have to make Michelle a scarf because she knows a) that I'm making Marcy and Laura scarves, and b) that I'm not making a scarf for his teacher because I don't like her. The paranoid side of me says that I must make her a scarf or else she'll think that I don't like her. I was already planning on knitting something for her, but it wasn't going to be a Christmas gift; she's due with her second child at the end of the month, so after I get all my Christmas stuff done, I was/am going to knit her a baby hat. But that's a baby gift, not a Christmas gift. Dammit. Looks like I gotta buy 2 more balls of Galway, do some more dyeing, and whip out a scarf before next Tuesday's session. Hee hee: I said "whip out."

On that note, I did a search for "keyhole scarf" (I'm anal and must have a pattern for everything, and I thought a keyhole scarf would be good for Michelle since she'll have a newborn and an 18-month old and needn't worry about scarves being wrapped correctly), and one of the results said "Fun Fur slit." Ha ha! Do you knit that out of pink yarn with some brown eyelash?


michelleknits said...

Don't the Michelles of the world deserve the handknits? Ha ha, really, you shouldn't think of knitting as an obligation. I have a coworker who always pesters me when I'm going to knit her something. The answer is "probably never" but how can you say that? So, when she says stuff like "So those legwarmers are for me, heh?" I just laugh it off. I mean, there are a lot of people in the world, and it's not our job to knit for all of them. But since you DO plan on knitting her something, maybe just casually mention it to her or maybe just leave it as a surprise so that when you do knit something, she'll of course see that you care. I can't believe I'm giving social advice -- I'm the worst at that...

Amber said...

Fun fur slit, OMG, I almost sprayed water on my computer